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Canadians and their hockey…Thanks to Dylan Miller and Dustin O’Ferrall for this gem.

Canadians and their hockey…Thanks to Dylan Miller and Dustin O’Ferrall for this gem.

23 Responses to “Hockey Boardn’ with Dylan Miller”

  1. skater Says:

    well that was retarded..

  2. Dylan Miller Says:

    Hey skater boy did you see what I did to those rails?….

  3. fvckit Says:

    lotta talkin but gotta love seeing you eat sh*t man

  4. Adam Silcio Says:

    DAMN IT!! was that goal regulation size or what!

    nice, dylan!

  5. Canuck Says:

    Yes Dylan…YES!!

  6. Adam Silcio Says:

    hahahaha the dip

  7. huh? Says:

    that was pretty weird. lots of cussing

  8. darin shaprio Says:

    i overheard henshaw and lidberg talking about doing this a few months back…

  9. Reeder Says:

    get in yo buzzz on !! yeaaaaaa Dylan!

  10. Kaesen Suyderhoud Says:

    Nice ear guards and socks Dylan. Haha! Funniest shit ever! fist to cuffs on the side of he boat rail was the best. Haha

  11. skater Says:

    Yeah Dylan Miller I saw and you look like an idiot..what an embarrassment to wakeboarding!! Is this what the sport has come to?…

  13. Wow u kidding? Says:

    @skaterboy (hahaha) Dude this video was clearly a joke and it was for entertainement only. I cant believe someone can take it seriously you must be a complete fool to not appreciate that ” already a classic ” video. Dylan got the skills and style when it come to wakeboarding so please give him the respect you’ll never get.


  14. Garrett Harris Says:

    what are you doing..

  15. haha Says:

    haha your name is Garrett ? haha

  16. John Says:

    Idiotic. Probably the worst content ever posted on this site.

  17. steven Says:

    i cant believe how stupid this is

  18. hahaha Says:

    The Kenny Powers of Hokey Boardn’…. F’ing Classic!!! Pabst and Skol… Tasty!!!

    You made those rails your bitch!!

  19. Trailer Park Boy Says:

    Ricky…if Lehi sees this, everythings gonna get all fucky!

  20. the other luke Says:

    ya knooow, ya knooow, ya knooow, ya knooow, ya knooow?

  21. Rob Corum Says:

    It’s Ogilthorpe!

  22. Fellow Canuck Says:

    Most likely if you dont get it, dont worry your just American.


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