Oh, gnarly brah! Check out the new mag… that s#@t is poppin'!

What's inside? Yep, you guessed it… Complete and utter excitement. The mag actually just got a facelift, so dig in if you're ready for a new hip look and some totally bomber material. Actually I don't even know if "bomber" material is cool, but is sounds that way.

Check out "Best and Worst" with James Balzer. James has a lot of great things to say. His favorite smell between the hours of 2 and 6 AM is a girl named ________ , and the worst is gingivitis? O.K.. I think we can all dig that.

Reed Hansen is featured in the "Rider's Camera" section, Stef Tor and Kyle Hyams have expanded their role at UGP, and there are four new kids on the block ready to rock your socks off… And no, they're not in a band.

Issue 8.3 features the conclusion of the 2007 Toe Jam and BroStock events, so you can read and find out why you absolutely MUST be there in 08'. Have you ever tried to announce into a beer and drink a microphone? We know someone who has.

Sean Kilgus heads out west for some epic conditions in Pateros, WA as he films for his new video "DRIVE." Randall Harris, Ben Greenwood and Jeff McKee (me) were all along for the ride that somehow seemed to be two hours longer than expected every time. Good thing Rod Stewart was thee to keep us comfortable.

If you're not already swamped, you still have to make it through "The Chunk Off" (a three cheeseburger extravaganza), The Malibu Pro Team Challenge and a Pete Rose instructional with Jeff House…

Get readin'. If you need me I'll be out on the town in my bright red lovers shirt.