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The Hoppe brothers, Jeremia and Benjamin, are back with something … NEW?

67 Responses to “HOT … or NOT?”

  1. Jake Says:

    Definately Hot!

  2. Sim Says:

    Seriously?! The worst trick in wakeboarding, done to a shitty 50/50 bonk on the end of a rail.
    That was horrible

  3. killa Says:

    NOT. That should have never happened. Please Alliance take this down. We know you are just doing it for the views.

  4. Aaron Snow Says:

    If you guys think its so S***ty then lets see a video posted on here of you doing it!

  5. karl Says:

    thats not !!

  6. Justin H. Says:

    I rode with these guys at BSR for a whole week about 2 weeks ago. They challenged convention on every single line out there. It may not be the prettiest line, but I would dare anyone to follow it.

    These guys crash more trying new stuff than any pro I have every seen x2. I saw stuff I had never seen or heard of all week long.

    These guys are some of the best and they are only getting better.

  7. pat Says:

    that shiz was so gnarly dudes.to hellzki with anyone who thinks it wasnt.

  8. Patrick Says:

    Sim: worst trick because you can’t do it?

  9. William Klang Says:

    It’s a sick transfer for sure!?
    Just stop being jealous and give these guy’s some cred for what they do?

  10. Kicks Says:

    You guys pushing the limit way above the limit every freaking time! Totally insane! I LOVE IT!!!!

  11. keacka Says:

    That was embarrassing. Tricks like this are why wakeboarding is the laughing stock of boardsports….. Shredtown are the only guys doing it right. Wish Alliance would post their new video instead of this garbage.

  12. Alex Lorentz Says:

    Fuck ligit! Embrace the fun!! Theese guys are obviously having a great time wakeboarding. We all know that no one in this thread can do something anywhere close to this dispite how “uncool” this is… You guys rock! Keep posting the joy!!

  13. Turbo Says:

    The toe back 450 is sick… Best trick in the edit!

  14. Willie Says:

    Haters are gana hate n shredders are gana shred, why is it wrong? Is wakeboarding suppose to be the only sport not progressing? All you old farts need to show some respect. These guys have steeze I’ve seen it but they also have balls. If your hating on this it’s just because you can’t keep up. Period. Shaun White changed the game, breddas are changing the game.

  15. Phil macsplifff Says:

    Everyone was hating on the doublecorks when it came out, now it’s on a regular basis and trippels are a fact, thoose who hate hate cuz they dont have what it takes to keep up, fuck haters and fuck the police and keep pushing the sport!!

  16. Erik Says:

    ok, so for you haters, go onto breddas facebook page and have a look at their own post of this. 1200likes and over 700 shares in one day proves that this is not gay and is not destroying our sports. Its people like you guys that ruin the sports and im willing to bet that those 700 who shared the video do not have the same opinion so you guys better shut up, grab your board, go to the cable and actaully try this and see how cocky you guys are then!

  17. jamie Says:

    Sometimes it’s just about challenging yourself and your limits, even though it might not be the future or what’s popular. In the forum video “true life,” joni malmi was working on a backside rodeo into a rail that was actually a rail and not a box. Not the most popular of tricks, but impressive none the less, especially when he scorpioned on his landing.

    A whirly whatever to 50-50 might not be anyone’s favorite move, but i am really impressed with how these guys are challenging themselves to become better, and they’re truly making their riding their own. I used to get so upset when i felt like people were wasting their time in wakeskating with lame moves, be it a 540 shuv or manuals on that gate. But ultimately, when we care, we all want to progress and explore; we all have different ideas, different thresholds for what we can do or where we can/want to take it. I don’t necessarily care for the move (unless he would have backflipped out of that rail), but i really respect their character.

  18. Martin Says:

    This site has become full of “elitists” who hate anything that is different, hell even if it’s the same you hate it! As far as I knew, there were no rules to what you did or how you did it. Keep it up, keep it fresh, and shut up and ride to the rest of you that complain about tricks you can’t do.

  19. Joe Says:

    Better than all the wakesurfing and Stand up wakesurfing that Transworld is trying to stuff down everyone’s throat.

  20. AZ Says:

    most people on alliance hate.. rarely is constructive criticism or props given to someone doing something new.. its always this or that sucks. Water sports are about fun not being the best or doing maneuvers to the point of gymnastics perfection. be a human being, not an invention of the state spurting out hate at the people doing things the way they feel. get off the computer and go ride and maybe youll see what im saying. growth doesnt occur through negativity.. one love

  21. mm Says:

    land in a press and i will be Impressed ahah crazy creativity though

  22. Vicki Dill Says:

    Love it!

  23. Anonymous Pro Wakeboarder Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. This is a poor representation of our sport. Id rank this in the range between roller blading and tubing on hot or not.

  24. buried casket Says:

    What would Randy Harris have to say about this?

  25. mitch Says:


  26. hecks Says:

    (Sarcastic tone) Wow, adding a 180 to that backflip is SO creative! Or how about a 360? What a groundbreaking idea. I think the sport will be revolutionized by adding spins. Yeah, that will help. Because, you know who’s shredding harder than the guy who can do 1080’s? The guy who can do 1260’s. Oh wait, maybe he is just training harder. Forget the shredding part. Let’s keep the spins coming boys so we can get in the Olympics. I’m sure triple flip 1620’s will be very inspiring.

  27. Stop being lame Says:

    I’m glad I’m not one of these grumpy assholes that refuse to enjoy anything. Some people gets the sticks out of your opinionated butts and get back to enjoying the sport. Keep shredding and having FUN Breddas!

  28. Stop being lame Says:

    some people need*** definitely NEED the sticks out of their butts

  29. Anonymous Pro Wakeboarder Says:

    Hey guys, I know what I’m talking about.

  30. Unsure... Says:

    Don’t get me wrong…it’s impressive, but not where the sport needs to go!

    I love seeing guys out there having fun and trying crazy shit and showing they have balls, BUT I guarantee you that 95% of pro wakeboarders out there could do a tantrum transfer in the first 2 or 3 tries if not first try.

    This is what sets us back sometimes…guys just trying to do one more flip or one more spin instead of making it look super clean or locking into a press with commitment!

    I say it’s legit and I would need a few beers before I try it, I give them props for doing it and having fun while doing it because that’s all that really matters to me, but I don’t think it’s in any way the future of the sport or where we’ll see transfers going any time soon.

    I would still rather watch Henny or Raph lock in to a rail any day of the week!

  31. God Says:

    Haters WTF?
    The meaning of extremesports is the freedom. That no people are telling you what to do. When you’re out there and just doing your own thing is the the beauty of this sport.

  32. WittyUserName Says:

    Man I’m glad everyone else on here got the email from the Almighty Overlords of Wakeboarding that said,

    “Wakeboarders, hate everyone different than you (or different than your favorite pro who doesn’t know who you are). There is only one correct way to ride and when you see something contrary to it, flaming them online is the best way to prove your alliance to us. We need to become like the NFL and set standards for acceptable participation by our professional athletes. Also, talk about ‘progressing the sport’ a whole bunch; it’ll make you sound like you were an original member of the Pointless Posse or just Scott Byerly himself. I mean honestly, who else knows better “where the sport should go” than you?”

    Good thing I got that email too. Otherwise I would’ve looked like an ignorant idiot, who’s probably still working on landing a back roll, when I got on here and thought the video was cool. Whhheewww, that was TOO close…

  33. Im right Says:

    You guys are all wrong. But yeah the whirly onto the rail is gay and so was everything else and yes I could that 1st try but I’d rather not everyone in the wakeboard community see me get so stoked about doing a whirlybird.

  34. Sascha Peschl Says:

    Ok kids, let’s all grow a pair, use our real names, and back up our opinions with reason. Otherwise, get a life. If you don’t like something you don’t have to take the Call of Duty route and talk shit on the internet. And if you are going to insult someone’s riding, showcase your own “skills” and why your opinion is worth so much.

  35. Sim Says:

    Sorry folks, I was clearly wrong in not liking this. How could I miss this pioneering progression of the sport?!
    A bad trick from the 90’s being done onto a rail trick that looked like how people hit ‘sliders’ in the 90’s – That is future sh*t right there…. mad skills yeah bro!
    I’m glad I can’t do whirly’s anymore (injuries). Like the other guy said, I would be embarrassed if people saw me do one now. Adios

  36. Patrick Says:

    Fuck off sim your an idiot!
    I don’t understand how the old wakeboarders(like you claim to be sim) don’t appreciate someone changing the sport. You are only hating on this because the breddas are doing stuff you will never in a thousand years do!

  37. helllyesss Says:

    @Patrick. Please enlighten us on how this trick is considered “progression”?

  38. Justin H. Says:

    Has it been done, no. Does in open the door some pretty terrifying stuff, certainly. That is progression. Hell, that is top-end progression. Another 180 on a trick and combining a full-spinning flip to a transfer may seem very logical, but it is also the most difficult direction to push. The answer is right there sitting on the coffee table, but who has the skills and the stones to land in a press out of a whirlybird? A very elite few.

    I appreciate all crews and all types of progression. Open your mind.

  39. doucheman Says:

    clearly none of y’all have riden at BSR. The tranny on that box is like a Unit XL kicker. It’s Huge! I saw Brady Webb do the first tantrum transfer on it and frankly, I thought it was sick. Then JB O’Neill. Now a Whirley? That’s awesome! I mean, that particular obsticle is just begging for stuff like that! That’s the beauty of wakeboarding and cable parks, it brings a new set of eyes and mind into the game. Idk why all y’all like to talk shit about this because clearly this is the internet and this website is for all of us to come together and celebrate what is going on in the wakeboarding world, not bash it because you don’t think its “cool”. That is the one thing I hate about the stereotypical wakeboarder fan-boy. They think they are hot shit and they know everything that’s currently going on behind the scenes; but they have no idea! and I’m not pointing anyone specific out, but some of y’all understand what I mean.

    FYI everyone, wakeboaring has changed 100 times over in the past year with the introduction to newer cable parks and companies that create easy, fun, and creative obstacles for the parks like Unit and Rad Rails. This is only just the beginning of the cable revolution that, in my personal opinion as an instructor at a premier cable park, will only let wakeboarding grow into something that NO pro rider or weekend warrior or anyone who comments on this website can imagine or sketch out.

    Enjoy it. That’s why we do it, right?
    and Breddas, keep up the work. Give Shredtown a run for their money.

  40. Courage Criddle Says:

    It seems like most new tricks have gotten a lot of hate in the past… If its funky, someone’s gonna dislike it some. Wakeboarding is all about how you express yourself, not how others think it should be done. Try new things, put your own spin on it, and above all have fun! If your not having fun, something’s not right. The best wakeboarders are the guys having the most fun out there.

  41. Patrick Says:

    So it’s like this, if you do something new that’s progression it’s as
    Simple as that. Nick Davies progressed by doing raley 720, shredtown progress the sport with their new rail ideas and breddas progress the sport with their doubles and now this. So to all you haters, unless you come up with something new you have no say in what progresses the sport

  42. Gay Says:

    “Worlds first whirly transfer”?
    Its a worlds first because no professional with half a clue would be gay enough to do something like that. Whirly to a stretched out knees straight 50-50 rail slap thing. Great, I have no faith in wakeboarding anymore if so many people think this is cool.

    Its no wonder X-games dropped wakeboarding, its because everyone else outside of this sport thinks its lame… for this exact reason.

    What next, Breddas will release a video of them jumping around on trampolines and diving off diving boards into the pool like gymnasts… oh wait, never mind… they just did.

  43. Josh Says:

    From a snowboard riders perspective this is what wakeboarding needs. Wakeboarding has always been the little gay stepbrother from snowboarding, I mean you do go high off a kicker but its still water. Doing flips on rails add the bit of danger which wakeboarding needs. Big up Breddas!

  44. Listen Up Says:

    X Games is all about going huge, multiple upside down rotations and defeating danger….

    The Breddas are the ones who can get wake boarding back in.

  45. Arek Says:

    Why do this question “hot or not” come up now? Why nobody asked three years ago when every pro was after the 1080? That was not hot (IMO). There will always by many opinions from both sides, but the real question is why even asking? It IS hot!
    Is Alliance hot or not?

  46. susan Says:

    haters, you sound like a group of old ladies. having a big ego is not manly at all

  47. froggy Says:

    If this is the direction wakeboarding is heading, I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be a part of it. Rails were sick until all of the gymnastics guys started hitting them. Boardsports have NEVER been about seeing how many times you can do loopty-loops in the air. By doing tricks like this, wakeboarding will remain close to waterskiing and trickskiing… Anyone who thinks tricks like this will make wakeboarding look legit should be ashamed of themselves. Triple corks in snowboarding are not respected, in fact they are frowned upon because the only reason guys are doing them, is to win contest. Triple corks do not capture the true essence of snowboarding. Watch some snowboarders like Jed Anderson, Dan Brisse, or Scott Stevens. They are artists. Not Gymnasts.

  48. Steven Says:

    Froggy: Well then quit wakeboarding you f***ing idiot!

  49. Sven Says:

    Hahaha, all you haters are only hating because some european guys have the balls for this

  50. Karl Jorgensen Says:

    Hey haters thank you so much for telling me whats the right way to progress the sport. I mean your words means so much more than watching these guys, really appreciate it!

  51. helllyesss Says:

    Froggy hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  52. Martim Says:

    i dont know if I love it or not, but love the thread!!
    I know I still prefer to watch Jeff Langley do a Toe 3 rather than a wirly to a box

    The breddas indeed are a bit overrated and that is why they are getting all this hate.. alliance viewers are true punishers

    From my point of view, any quality wakeboarding content is very welcome. Final decision: not HOT, but Nice Job Breddas!

  53. Francis Parkinson Says:

    Im not gonna go into an argument with anyone but Martim, could you please explain to me how Breddas are overrated? They won two awards for the best web video last year and have now released a new video with even more new tricks i.e double backmobe 5. I dont see how anyone can call riders with those kinds of tricks overrated. But hey what am I to judge, lets just sit down and wait and see how breddas does in wtl, my bet is at least two breddas on the podium

  54. Jeff Mathis Says:

    rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble

  55. JP Says:

    its hilarious how much discussion and hate the vids on alliance get…

  56. breddas Says:

    Wakeboarding and the direction?

    We didn’t grow up wakeboarding or with any other extremesport. We grew up doing gymnastics and trampoline, football and all different kinds of sports. The truth is we hated that, always a pain in the ass to go practice. You all know what gymnastics looks like and that it’s not really the sport you can play around in..It was too serious. People were telling us what to do and how it’s done, pretty much all the time.

    Right after that we became big fans of snowboarding. Why? Because it was bad ass, freedom and you really needed body control. But the very best part, YOU DON’T have to do like everybody else!
    From the first day we started snowboarding we could actually practice with a smile on our face. (Our own opinion about grabs, it’s the beauty of the sport and that’s what makes it look sexy and awesome)

    Snowboarding exploded and developed in so many different categories. None of them are wrong they are just different from each other but still the same sport. It all comes down to what’s possible on a board and pushing it in every way that they can.
    We started wakeboarding because we wanted to do something similar during summer time.

    It’s pretty much a copy of snowboarding but still different in many ways. Wakeboard is many years behind snowboarding and there’s a lot of things happening in our sport right now. Nobody can really control what’s happening. It’s popping up new things everywhere all the time. People just pushing it the way they want.
    Don’t forget why you are doing the sport! Are you doing it just for fun, staying fit, the adrenaline kick, the freedom or just because it’s bad ass. No matter what, YOU are doing your OWN thing and nobody can take that away from you.

    After the making of One Shot we know now that we are not even close to what’s possible on a wakeboard. Yes, in our video some of the tricks wasn’t the prettiest ones and maybe bad or no grabbed at all. But damn we had some flow coming up with new stuff. We know what style is it’s just that we didn’t have the time. Too busy inventing tricks;) High cable easier? Hmm not at all it took us three years to get use to the pull.. try for yourself. Whirly transfer.. We (Breddas) are not skateboarders we got bindings and we using it. Style will come.

    This is just the beginning!
    Haters if you don’t like the way your sport is progressing, please try to change it, it’s kind a cute♥

  57. helllyesss Says:

    ^ Funny thing is… breddas didnt actually make that comment above me.

  58. Francis Parkinson Says:

    Hellyesss,you are an idiot, check their facebook page and you will see they wrote it

  59. illtypemoves Says:

    ONE TWO THREE FO SIXXXTIETH!! 60th comment.must be a record on alliance
    breddas and all their shit shouldnt have to put up with nasty ass comments like ive taken the time to read, i shoulda stopped reading, but i was waiting to see if breddas responded. and they did, and are damn sure right.
    tha dawgs are shredding hard, respect from VA
    keep it uuuuuupp

  60. Tevin Kevin Says:

    well your gymnastics skills have transferred over to wakeboarding pretty well. But it was difficult to notice the boardsport influence…

  61. john Says:

    how the fuck is a whirly the worst trick in wakeboarding? oh yea thats because you cant do one. my bad.

  62. harry Says:

    spinning is not winning. wake boarding should not be like scooter shit.

  63. Wes Says:

    Cool shit. all you girls fighting over what wakeboarding should be is exactly whats wrong with the sport. Join force and share some love. Wakeboarding is art… meaning there is no right or wrong. Just do it the way you want. If you like raileys do them just because some doosh on a blog thinks something is lame your not going to do it? Who care what everyone else thinks.. Drink some haterade boys and keep working on your 180’s

  64. hot or not Says:

    hot or not? hmm, i think hot

  65. killme Says:

    “We (Breddas) are not skateboarders we got bindings and we using it.”

  66. will smith Says:

    I just fux with this and its got me thinking of a particular night when i was hella lit in jersey with my boys up to no good. i get up in club and some bish showin me love but i get back to her crib and found out she’s got a dic . same thing when you think u gonna watch something cool and get slapped by a fool. these fools don’t skate and they making a mistake. admit that shit and u good for cuttin off ur dic. if i see one more huck like this its gonna be click click click!

  67. bluntski Says:

    haha this is hilarious! yea rabble rabble


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