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Every winter Nikita leaves Russia for some hot and sunny place, but this year circumstances left him in his home city – Saint Petersburg. As he was walking around the city center, he noticed that after the thaw the river ice broke up, exposing the stream in some places.

That’s when he got the idea to wakeboard in this place. The difficulties and dangers were obvious: it sounds rather impossible to implement this bold plan in the historical city centre in the middle of a regular day. But self-confidence and conviction that strong spirit knows no limits helped this project come to life.


17 Responses to “Ice Wake Winter Project with Nikita Martyanov”

  1. rayfink Says:

    l don’t understand what all the bologna is with this growing trend of making wakeboarding look cold and uncomftorable. I’m calling bullshit red bull, winch sessions Web hit an ice rail, park’s rode a glacier, now this foreign guy just took a step backwards with y’all… If u guys still have money to throw around for wake shredding l recommend another sessy contest. How bout this time no plastic, all metal, concrete, maybe a couple wood rails, get creative red bull. I bet the kids wouldn’t hate it or better yet buy park’s a couple robot knees so we could maybe see more of him

  2. dudeman Says:

    a. good thing we all speak Russian
    b. sweet carves
    c. rail setup/death trap

  3. Jeff Says:

    Appreciate the effort, we really do–but this ain’t it. Just carving water on the icy banks of a river is a pretty weak concept. It probably makes a great picture, but for all of the production behind this, it missed the mark.

    A second vote for more creative materials.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Quite possibly the lamest production redbull has produced thus far!
    Ummm why is this guy sponsered by redbull?

  5. Mikhail Boyarskov Says:

    Good work,but in Saint-Petersburg we will be first =)
    Some photos ice wake

  6. Mikhail Boyarskov Says:

    Why my message will be deleted?

  7. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Boring, Redbull needs to spend some moeny on a real set up.. I watched it while in a Nonprofit/governmental accounting class, and still thought it was boring

  8. Canuck Says:

    What is this!? This is how we canucks ride 11 months out of the year. It actually lOoks warmer in that video. Jezzz

  9. Jeff Says:

    I want my five minutes back, you can pay me in red bulls. I’m talking at least a pallet because that could have been performed by someone that learned to ride in a week.

  10. dude bro guy Says:

    This makes wakeboarding look fucking terrible, sick soul turns

  11. Sim Says:

    Anyone using the word ‘Stunts’ should be avoided at all costs.
    (p.s. turning left and right isn’t much of a stunt)

  12. James Olson Says:

    Already Been Done!
    Winch Session Crew Killed it!

    yeah guys
    check it out

  13. rayfink Says:

    design a sessy contest, contest? somebody?… PLEASE DO IT!!, let us create what we want for the pro’s to take the sport the next step, hell let them participate if they have the time. Thinking like battlefall’s on steroids for wakeborders? You could have 2 giant drop’s made for wakeboarder’s at the perfect spot of land with multiple drops, even if it there was only one drop but 2 would be better, except for taking a pass up both hills might be boring? Unless up rail’s become super popular, but l’d prefet to see one pass down jam format down anyway’s, it get’s the poeple going. The only hard part might be setting up one side of the sesitec, but l’m sure those guys could find a way to get it done. Sorry this comment is starting to sound like a letter to the editor but what type of schooling would you get into if you wanted to build and design wakepark’s or even have a shot at joining the sessy or unit teams? I think alot of us wouldn’t mind doing that with our lives, if it’s not impossible?????…… I’m Ron Burguny?

  14. no Says:

    wow that was sketchy , and please dont make rayfink design something . maybe you can jump into a big trap with sharks and see if you gonna get bite . tool

  15. rayfink Says:

    sumone with a name like no would be afraid of innovation, ray finkle’s goda take over. Piss on you and dan marino sir, big drops and heavy downrails for the win

  16. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Was he on a slalom ski?

  17. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    In Soviet Russia, snow wakeboards you…


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