Alliance: Austin, Texas is a wild place. Is it true that you’re required to wear a cowboy hat everywhere you go?
South Austin Marine/Wakeshop (Cortney Hope):
Yes, that is very true.  They won’t even let you in church on Sunday if you aren’t in your white one.

A: What about the Austin’s famous 6th Street? Where’s the best place for live music there?
6th street is crazy every night. There are two parts: West Sixth and East Sixth, or “Dirty Sixth”. The best place for music however is world famous Stubb’s.

A: How long has South Austin Marine been around and when did Wakeshop get started?
We have been open since 1974 however the great days of Wakeshop did not start until 2005.

A: You guys (or should I say “ya’ll”) carry a few different boat lines. Which boat brands are wake specific and why the need for so many boats?
There is a saying, “bigger is better” and that also goes hand in hand with “more is better.” As far as wakeboarding boats goes we carry super Supra, the moving Moomba and the sassy Sea-Doo.

A: Wakeshop is a really legit shop in Texas. What wake brands have helped out along the way?
We have brands from Jet Pilot to Helium to Fox, Liquid Force, CWB, Spy, Reef and more core stuff like Lost and SoCo.

A: Tell us about your “try it before you buy it” program?
Our demo program rocks your socks off! 20 dollars a day to demo any board in our shop; try it and if you like it or any other board or binding, the demo fee goes towards the purchase of the board. You can even call me and I’ll charge it over the phone so you don’t have to make two trips.

A: We typically don’t see a ton of girls selling wakeboarding products. Do you think you intimidate guys when you’re the one selling them product and teaching them the ropes?
I doubt it. I am only 5’5” and weigh 90-lbs with my cowgirl hat on (including my leather sole boots).  I think it brings in the guys more than anything.

A: Wakeshop backs the University of Texas pretty hard. How did that partnership come together?
It was set up through Rob Mendieta with Empire Wake. He came in and helped form the relationship. Once we agreed upon everything he let us and the club take it from there. We are really excited to be working with them.

A: You have two dealerships, one of which is right on Lake Travis. Is Lake Travis your home lake?
Lake Austin has more of a wakeboard scene. We like to yell at the cruiser boats, “take that thing to Lake Travis!!!”

A: Does South Austin Marine offer any sort of wakeboard lessons for their customers?
Buy a boat and you get a free hour of Lake Lessons. They are sponsored by Liquid Force and have been a great friend of the shops for over 10 years. We love you, Greg!

A: Is the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” painted onto each boat or board you sell?
Of course. It’s like a seal of approval. If that phrase isn’t stamped then it isn’t legit.

A: Word on the street is Wakeshop carries Barbie, Dora The Explorer, and Spider Man life jackets. How do we get our hands on one of those bad boys and do they come in men’s XL?
The rumors are true. If you would like to put them in the 2010 gear guide we can set that up. XL is the hardest size to get because we sell out so fast. You need to get here two days before the shipment and camp out.

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