March 12th, 2013 by alliance

Join Jeff Langley, Adam Errington, Jimmy LaRiche, and friends as they cruise thru Indo for some cable riding.

13 Responses to “Indonesia with Langley, Errington, LaRiche, and friends”

  1. rayfink Says:

    2:59 marijuana’s first debut in the web wake video scene

  2. Dammmm Says:

    Wakeboarders smoking weed!

  3. John Says:

    Those are some lucky dudes right there. That said, maybe not such a good business move to shoot and broadcast yourself smoking (presumably) grass. I could’nt care less, but could see how a sponsor may not be that into it. I’m sure including that footage seemed like a great idea at the time though! Young and dumb. Enjoy it while you can boys. Cheers!

  4. porn Says:

    it’s the fucking government maaaaan….

  5. Reeder Says:

    for anyone who has never traveled out of the country. Everyone rolls their own ciggs!

  6. projeks Says:

    Its a shame that you all disregard the awesome riding and only focus on the part that doesn’t even matter. Who cares if they smoke? They put out a dope video, thats all that matters. If you guys think all wakeboarders are goody-two-shoes, then you are mistaken. Sweet videos guys. Jeff Langley going huge

  7. Justin H. Says:

    I’m going to go with hand-rolled cigs on this one. I’m pretty sure they can kill you for pot in Indonesia. Drugs are no joke there…

    That BS 180 that Langely got crushed on was a big one.

  8. Nice Says:

    It’s more of a shame that they would include that footage. It serves no purpose other than to say, cool man look at me I smoke weed. It’s stupid and based on the responses so far, it takes away from everything else the video should stand for. It is a dope video. They are all talented riders, and look like they’re having the time of their lives. They are also all paid professionals who represent various mainstream brands. Regardless of personal opinions, if I’m Monster, or Nautique, or whomever, I have a brand to protect. I sell high end luxury products to rich parents, many of whom would not be cool with that. Perhaps the CEO of name your sponsor smokes weed too, and probably doesnt care what his/her athletes do on their personal time. Regardless, He/she is probably not too stoked that what was otherwise a great promotion for their brand concluded with the passing of a joint. And all of that from a person who loves wakeboarding AND loves reefer, but who’s made and paid for dumb ass mistakes like that in the past. Just something to think about. And yes, Jeff Langley going huge off the kicker! Love it.

  9. Justin H. Says:

    Nice, please see my comment above yours. It is not dope…

    I exaggerated a bit, but they will throw foreigners in jail for several months over possession.

  10. AP583 Says:

    Are you all like 90 year old grandpa’s or what? watch some snowboarding videos theres weed everywhere. Bout time they show that side of wakeboarding.

  11. jonny Says:

    who cares about the weed or whatever it is, the video wasn’t that great to begin with.

  12. Wiz Khalifa Says:

    Over on the west coast we keep it lit on the boat everyday

  13. Kevin Bendlin Says:

    Video was great indeed, and weed smoking even better.. Idc what people say, I enyoed it guys. Props from south america


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