We’ve all got our own little off season training secrets. Whether it’s doing Cross-Fit every day, sitting on the couch working on your six pack… of Bud, or working on your next choreographed social media post, there is a lot that riders do. We heard that David O’Chowdoyousaythat has a great Youtube channel with tons of great ideas! Or maybe you could buy a scooter and shred the gnar with Aaron Gunn?

OK, maybe those aren’t the best ideas, but worry no longer, Wakezeach has got you covered. We’ve came through with our “Top 6 Training Tips” to keep get you in shape for the upcoming riding marathons you’re bound to partake in.

Andrew Adams is smart. Party with the editor of this mag and have Parks wear your T-shirt

  1. Get drunk with your team manager as much as possible. Or people in powerful positions. This may come as a surprise to many of you, but getting drunk with the people that pay you or help get you paid is a great way to stay in shape during the off season. It keeps your liver strong and ensures your finances/free schwag/coverage for at least another year.

Parks found the unicorn… tats that say “Ride Hard” and “Country Girl”… and the Fox head

  1. Start dating a chick that rides too. Whether you live somewhere that’s got ridable conditions year-round, or you have to go on the odd vacation to get the shred, having a lady friend that rides just gives you another excuse to hit the road for a little wake getaway.

Rathy wakesurfing with the entire Alliance team? Well played

  1. Polish up on your wakesurfing skills. The takeover is inevitable, so you might as well get good at it. Plus all that pumping is a great workout.

Even a photo of a skateboard makes you look more core

  1. Snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Too many wakeboarders seem to be too focused on one board sport: their own. Trying other board sports is a great way to get into something else and still have a ton of fun with friends while pushing your progression. It’s like a hobby, but less lame!

Our namesake, all hail this AVE masterpiece!

  1. Dig up some old videos. It’s way easier than actually working out or exercising. Just get loaded up on old videos, sit back and relax. Think of it as a Netflix session… Netflix can be educational, right? Well so is this, plus it will give you some trick ideas to try next year. And don’t forget the beer….

“Just out trying more crazy tricks!!!”

  1. Flex on social media. Everybody thinks whatever they see on the ol’ Instagram/Snapchat these days is true, right? So you might as well put some stuff up there of you being awesome. That could really get you ahead… Your team manager will think you’re shredding on the reg, chicks who ride might dig you even more and come flocking, and it will give you more time to polish up the wakesurfing skills, other pursue board sport hobbies, and watch old wake classics.