So here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the winning pictures as voted by you from all the 5 instagram features. Now it’s time for the true test to see who had the best photo of all. The one that comes up in your feed and you double tap it, then you double tap it again just to make sure you liked it. Then the little heart pops up and you are satisfied or the next 10 minutes. These are the types of photo’s you see and you MUST know everything about in order to feed the hunger of that social networking demon within. It’s time to vote, so chose wisely.

Jimmy Lariche’s winning photo – Murray and the Bro’s  “Myself and the Hyperlite team all went to the Seafair event in Seattle this summer and noticed this seriously sweet ride along the way. Murray couldn’t help himself and just had to go make friends / find out more about the car. It was a priceless visual much like the scene of him from 12 Honkeys, so I busted out the old cellular and snapped it…”

Bob Soven’s winning photo – The Age Old Trade – “I met Rachel at the Ft. Worth PWT event two years ago and I had “heard” she did some video’s, so we got to chatting, hit it off and have been friends since then. This year when I went back to Texas to compete she showed up and gave me a gift which just so happen to be a DVD. Now in this text she is demanding a video of me doing my profession in return. The exchange of professions is an age old trade.”

Shawn Watson’s winning photo – Sitting Sleeper “Bob Slept like this for hours until Rattray eventually found him. It was in Canada where he was proud to be of the legal drinking age so he took full advantage. I remember hearing him go to the bathroom as I dozed off to sleep  then Rattray came around hours later to continue the party, went to the bathroom and found this gem.”

Josh Palma’s winning photo – That’s my boat “To be totally honest I really like the photo, but what I like even more about it is that I sniped it from this girl Emily Dale who actually took it, however she didn’t do it justice with the appropriate filter, so I took it upon myself to re-filter and repost, plus I hash tagged the crap out of it. She’s claiming copyright infringement, but I zoomed, cropped, and re-filtered which makes it entirely original. Plus it’s my boat.”

Parks Bonifay’s winning photo – Eyes on the Prize – “We were spending the afternoon over at Henshaw’s place here in Clermont just having beers and lounging around on funny shaped tubes when we decided to step things up a notch. I decided to do a barefoot whip into shore and try to make it all the way through the crazy wheel. I dove through it and pretty much rolled up onto shore because it was only about a foot deep on the other side. I think Josh Zentmeyer was the one who snapped the photo and then sent it to me, but I love how there is no rope, no wake, no jet skii: Just a man walking on water. Eyes on the prize.”