During my winter quarter as an Industrial Technology student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo I found out that I could earn elective credit by working as an intern. At first this idea didn’t spark too much interest, but when I discovered that the first week of spring quarter would prevent me from attending the annual Body Glove trip to the Tiki Shack I began to formulate a plan to make something happen. After talking with the head honchos at Liquid Force I landed myself the perfect internship for my major and a way to attend the all-important Body Glove trip to start filming for the new team video. So in late March the lovely Shelby Kantar and myself packed up our stuff and moved south to San Diego.
    On Monday morning I began my work at Liquid Force with the self-proclaimed job title of “Product Design and Marketing Associate”. My supervisor and lead LF product manager, Asa Giffin, gave me my first task of remodeling the LF design room. My job was to take down the walls between the three desk areas to allow more air, light, and creative thoughts to flow between the crew. Everyone lent a hand and the walls came down, thus drastically improving future LF products and reducing the amount of boogers picked by Dawley.
    Besides the random tasks and constant intern jokes, the week has been rather educational. I have been able to take part in group discussions regarding the manufacturing and design of the 2010 binding line, sit in on product meetings with the German distributor Karsten, preview top secret board constructions, and discuss Watson’s new shape with the master himself, Jimmy Redmon. The crew was even kind enough to let me take off early Thursday for the Padres vs. Dodgers game.  I drank several “not-beers” and wolfed down some “not-chos” while sadly watching the Dodgers lose. The Liquid Force edition Supras arrive Monday so check back for updates on all the good things to come.