Cover Issue 9.9!

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Issue 9.9 is in stores now! It’s red…We haven’t done red in a long time but our fashion industry sources tell us that red is going to be the hot new color this fall / winter, so once again, it feels great to be ahead of the curve. Did we mention that Danny Harf is on the cover? Yeah he’s going to be hot this fall as well…Mark our words.

Apparently photographer Bryan Soderlind is too cool for school these days hanging with big dogs like Shaquille O’Neal for his Best and Worst interview photo. Not a bad gig Bear, should we get him a board? This interview is a must read for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to live like a pro and hang out with playboy models all day long.

On the inside we bring you one of the years most anticipated lists of the year…”The List 2009”. It’s loaded with all the best and worst happenings of the 2009 season such as Wrapped moves and the two hande crow-mobe 540…We’ll let you guess which of the two we prefer…

Next up we take a cable adventure throughout mid America stopping at all the hottest wake parks like KC Watersports, Texas Ski Ranch, OKC, and we get a chance to fill you in on a new hotspot in Dallas. Jeff saved a drowning bird, Corey almost drowned in the blood and guts of the band Gwar, and Tom Fooshee proved that he will be the king of cable for years to come.

You can also find answers to all of your wildest wonders about Body Glove’s new team video “Slick City” in our inside interview with producer Greg Browning. Not to boast or anything, but the guy does all the drive thru surf shows on fuel…Hangs out with Andy Irons and Kelly Slater on the reg.

Finally, chek into the Dustpan to read the latest and greatest lyrics from the one and only Dan Hampson – This issue features Dan’s Lyrical talent from the title track “Wake Barbie.” 9.9 is waiting…Buyer’s beware – This S#%t is HOT!