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Life can throw us a curve ball every once in a while, and sometimes we’ll swing and miss. Jay Myfield took his curve and hit it out of the park. Here’s Jay’s story.

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9 Responses to “It Is What It Is: Jay Mayfield”

  2. Jay Mayfield Says:

    I am truly honored you shared my story! It is my hope to compete as soon as the opportunity makess itself available to me. This video was shot early in the season and my trick sets have progressed so far past this video and I am eager to show others! THANKS so much!

  3. Rich Valha Says:

    You sir are the meaning of Inspiration!

  4. Scott Says:

    Jay, so awesome! I may be able to help get you plugged into the competitive scene! Please send me an email at

  5. JB ONeill Says:

    killin it dude! keep shreddin!

  6. Jared H. Says:

    So awesome!

  7. Rock Says:

    Your bad ass bro! Unite against the skeptics!

  8. KOOL BORDZ Says:

    Truly inspiring! It was a pleasure to meet you in person Jay and everyone at KOOL BORDZ wishes you the very best on all you endevour!

  9. shredforces Says:

    wow mr mayfield, killn it


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