July 2nd, 2013 by Submitted

Mitch Langfield and Daniel Grant happend to be passing by through England in-between contests. The J23 boys CK Koester, Scotty Broome and Toby Yeo plus Freddie Carter, Taylor Dell and Terry Hannam all got together to session up Hannam’s wake hub which is just outside Cambridgeshire. We ate burgers, went snorkelling, drank coffee to stay warm, lost a go-pro, found a go-pro and had one hell of a fun time sessioning one of the best wake parks in the UK.
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2 Responses to “J23 Episode #1 – Hannam’s”

  1. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Mitch and CK killed it! yeeeheeew!

  2. jonny Says:

    Thanks for the daily dose of zeach ck. u made me :(


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