May 16th, 2013 by Submitted

2 years ago we set out to build the most fun, progressive, & unique wake park we could. This video showcases our three System 2.0’s, & fifteen features. This is Jibtopia Wake Park! Park opens June 17th.

19 Responses to “Jibtopia Wake Park”

  1. Adam Fields Says:

    This place looks like so much fun!!! And Fun for people of all skill levels too. The rails look great guys! Nice work. Can’t wait to shred here and bring students here!!

    North Carolina has so much going on now!! Jiptopia, Hexagon, East Coast Wake Park, and AF Wake all with rails, two different event series, and more boats and great bodies of water than most anywhere else in the USA!

    Going to be so much fun over the next few years!

  2. Cole Hawkins Says:

    Looks so sick guys, looking forward to getting healed so I can take a set down that gap, do y’all allow camping?

  3. Brad Says:

    Good dudes, backed hard.

  4. Jeff G. Says:

    So close to my house…can’t wait for you guys to be open!!!

  5. Riley Says:


  6. Joe J Says:

    Place looks amazing!!! Riding was on point too! Who’s the riders in this?

  7. pat Says:

    awww yeuh crazy asss mini! everything about the place looks so sick

  8. login Says:

    these guys are doing it right

  9. Pete Weber Says:

    Did it right

  10. jindy Says:

    couldn’t pay attention to the shreddin. after this first little bit, all i could think was, “is the camera going to point down after this shot?!- yes it is!”

  11. jindy Says:

    alex H is the man

  12. Brad S Says:

    @jindy, Yea I know, same thing for me, I was so distracted by that, and have no idea why they filmed like that! I’ve seen it done in other edits a few times, and it worked for them, but like every shot was pan/tilting at the end.

  13. Brad S Says:

    Park looks sick though! Creative rails and for all skill levels! Well done!

  14. Chris Trabbold Says:

    This looks too sick! Both bi levels look awesome.. Can’t wait to get up there.
    Great riding too, you guys killed it!

  15. Two Eyes Says:

    My head hurts from the panning away after every shot… Please stop that…
    The place looks awesome!

  16. Tim Says:

    What’s the address for this place? The “get directions” tab on the jibtopia site doesn’t seem to be working…

  17. g west Says:

    Did Ty Evans film this?

  18. JD Says:

    riding in sunglasses is the coolest

  19. Jibtopia Wake Park Says:

    Thanks everyone for such a positive reception! Looking forward to spreading the stoke and growing the wake community! Hope to see everyone out this summer to enjoy what we created. The riders were Alex Hamrick and Clark Davis.


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