Just got a sad text message from Travis Propst. For the past few years he has more or less lived his life out of his mom's old GMC Safari soccer mom minivan. His mom is named Joanne, so appropriately, we all called his whip the Joanne Van. She fought many a brave wakeboard battles over the years and endured many long road trips. Her AC might not have been the coldest, her interior might not have smelled the freshest, and her windows might not have worked the best, but she had a huge heart and loved getting Travis and friends from Point A to Point B.

Our thoughts go out to the Propst family and all those who knew and loved the Joanne Van. She will be missed, but she will never be forgotten.

Travis Propst's Joanne Van

1998 – 2009. 208,032 miles.

Donations in the memory of the Joanne Van can be made out to the Travis Propst Couch Surfing Fund c/o Travis Propst.