After the worldwide success of the first Warriors episode, Jobe now brings to you: Episode number 2! You ready for this?

The first episode (out of a series of three) scored more than 7000 views in its first three weeks! Episode 1 was filmed at the world renowned Thai Wake Park, whereas episode 2 shows the crew shredding at the Anthem Wake Park in Phuket, Thailand.

Julian Cohen, Declan Clifford and Maxine Sapulette, followed by cameraman Robbin Mazurel, traveled from Bangkok to Phuket to visit both Anthem and Phuket cable parks. Tune in for episode 2 now to see more rail combos, techy tricks and bangers across the board!

Since the release of the first episode, cables around the world have already been claimed on So get in on the action! Claim your own cable by uploading a photo, video or contest to the Jobe Warriors website NOW! By the end of the year, the team that gets the most cables claimed will win the Jobe Warriors game!

Also, make sure to visit one of the Warriors Test Events and tryout a brand new Conflict, Liberty or Hera! But nothing for nothing… As always, you can expect tons of Jobe cable swag at each event AND Jobe partner Polaroid will showcase their own Action Cameras booth at every test event, too.

So join the crew, become a Jobe Warrior and STEP UP YOUR GAME!

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