June 12th, 2013 by alliance

Kaesen Suyderhoud takes a few slow laps around Al Forsan Cable Park in Abu Dhabi. Action shot with a Sony FS700 and a GoPro Hero 3.

8 Responses to “Kaesen Suyderhoud Slow Laps”

  1. AB Says:

    crystal castles

  2. BREDDAS Says:

    needs more skippy combos things after landing but all and all pretty good

  3. KC Says:

    Yeah Kaesen looks even better in slow-mo! *salute*

  4. Cole Hawkins Says:

    The super slow mo was torture

  5. juan swanson Says:

    0:21 Is that a thong?

  6. Joe ski Says:

    @juan Shoe lace belt.

  7. Alex Says:


  8. lknwake Says:

    the man g string


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