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Keith Lidberg having a little fun at OWC.

Video by Corey Drapala

32 Responses to “Keith Lidberg at OWC”

  1. jon jeffreys Says:

    looks like an amatuer hour

  2. Jason Says:

    That was some sloppy riding, but still makes front page

  3. ahhhhaa Says:

    Could NOT stand the music after about 15 seconds. Horrible choice.

  4. Novapull Says:

    Definately looked wobbly on a lot of the rails and landings. Not saying i could do better just not up there with the typical edits we see on the site.

  5. rusty rails Says:

    Only in wakeboarding do people film only what seems to be less than an hour of footage and then post it to the internet. This was probably uploaded the same night it was filmed, at least thats sure what it looks like. Maybe if wakeboarders put some time into their parts, we would see much better riding.

  6. Coreycorey Says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys! I was on vacation when I filmed this and have no affiliation to Keith. I shot this between my own riding. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to work on an edit collaboratively with a pro instead of shadow-filming. My apologies about the music, I’ll try downloading some mainstream dubstep… Regardless I think Keith kills it…

  7. Jake Says:


  8. blake Says:

    still looked pretty tech to me.. yall need to lay off the haterade

  9. West side Says:

    Nothin wrong at all with the music, somethin different for a change at least. Riding might not all be the beat ever but I’d love to see every guy behind a keyboard come do half the stuff we do on a shred stick

  10. Jeremy Sweat Says:

    ^well said, why the fuck does our sport have so many keyboard cowboys. If you’re gonna talk shit man up and post with your real name. if you’re not man enough to do that then keep your bullshit opinion to yourselves. Im sure Keith could care less about your simple minded opinions when he’s cashing his checks for being a pro rider.

  11. bandit Says:

    didint get to watch the video. the music made me vomit

  12. riley Says:

    hate hate hate

  13. Jake Says:

    The only thing I hated was the gold helmet

  14. Jake Southard Says:

    The only thing I hated was the gold helmet haha

  15. Johnson Says:

    Hate the filming, editing, music, riding, cable park, weather, rails!!! This is thee worst edit I’ve ever seen. The color correction was probably tweaked in MB Looks! Epic fail!

  16. Justin H. Says:

    I was just stoked to have a new video to watch while I ate my sandwich today.

    Thanks Corey.

  17. Martim Says:

    Thanks for the video Corey. Always great to watch keith and threw some nice hammers in there.

  18. ive been living under a rock Says:

    wakeboarding goes emo! Slit my wrists after every set

  19. Corey Says:

    Whata an acceptable music choice for future reference

  20. Tim Silfrowski Says:

    Jesus christ what is with all the hate on this edit? Keith is a sick rider, the filming and editing was totally fine. I might not like the song but at least he didn’t use a Skrillix or Deadmau5 track and throw macro b-roll until the drop and then add a shit ton of effects and make it totally over processed. Go to OWC and sit there all day, you’re not going to see part ender riding every hit. He obviously didn’t work with Keith, he was just filming the dude. Haters gonna hate, keep it up Corey.

  21. benj Says:

    Someone make a wakeboard video with no music. Just raw footage. Music isn’t needed. I want to hear the board on the water, sliding on rails, and stomped landings. I could care less about the music honestly.

  22. hater Says:

    if i was a pro rider.. I would not approve of someone filming me for the hell of it and then posting it on the internet.

  23. Cooper Scotia Says:

    Agreed, but you can obviously tell that he used Magic Bullet Looks with final cut and then oversaturated in the color correction effects. AND theres no GoPro hijinx. Not trying to be picky or anything dude but after your Killin’ It With Kevin video I wanted to see more! Keith and Henshaw are both sick riders and honestly Im just jelly that you even got to film that soooo props to you, I dont know where im going with this comment, just ripped a J of Cali kush so im pretty blazed….

  24. Tim Silfrowski Says:

    @hater You’re not a pro rider, and if you were, you wouldn’t want to see shit that fans make for you? Keith obviously isn’t an asshole if he let him film this. But if you were a pro you’d probably be an asshole.

  25. hater Says:

    ^ Never said I was

  26. Tim Silfrowski Says:

    He waves to the camera at 1:57, so he obviously knew he was being filmed. I bet Corey just filmed this video for fun to show some fun riding, like the song or hate the song, this video is just a fun edit. Anything else to be said negatively goes against what this sport is all about.

  27. Keith Lidberg Says:

    A little hating is good for the soul! Thanks Corey for being stoked on wakeboarding and taking the time to film. Perfect example of how different everyday riding and scheduled filming differ. Not a single wakeboarder alive rides 110% legit all day everyday. This footage is almost a year old and filmed in the winter on a day when we were doing what wakeboarding is about…Having Fun!

    Love the sport, Love the ride!

  28. Tim Silfrowski Says:


  29. Jake Southard Says:

    who’s keith lidberg?

  30. Novapull Says:

    Sorry Keith and Corey, didn’t realise the circumstances around the “shoot”. Given the fact that you guys were just out having fun ripping randomely and it just so happened to be filmed puts the vid in a totally different light, respect. Keith we want to see more “scheduled filming” of you, do you have anything coming out soon?

  31. John Says:

    “Having Fun! Love the sport, Love the ride!”

    Classy response from an apparently classy dude.

  32. Ryan Says:

    Sick riding Keith, whether it was scheduled or not! Corey thanks for the edit. It’s too bad this sport has so many haters… It’s really starting to ruin it for me. Not all of us are Patrick Wieland and some of us still enjoy just being out on the water and riding and making a video to remember it by.

    Thanks for sharing and Keith if your ever at the cable in Sacramento I’d love to come watch you ride.


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