June 13th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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In the latest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine we sat down with Keith Lyman for his final ride and interview as a professional wakeboarder. As many of you already know, Keith has retired from wakeboarding in order to pursue a lifelong dream of serving in this country’s military. While Keith will miss wakeboarding and wakeboarding will undoubtedly miss Keith, we wish him nothing but the best in his new ventures and can only say one thing: Thanks for everything, Keith. Check out this video of his last interview and ride. Be sure to check out the article in the new issue of Alliance, and for more info on Keith’s board and the Wounded Warrior Project, click on over to www.slingshotwake.com

Also make sure you check out excerpts from Lyman’s Interview in our new Premium Content section!


In the latest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine we sat down with Keith Lyman for his final ride and interview as a professional wakeboarder. As many of you already know, Keith has retired from wakeboarding in order to pursue a lifelong dream of serving in this country’s military. While Keith will miss wakeboarding and wakeboarding […]

24 Responses to “Keith Lyman Says Farewell: Last Set”

  1. Legit Says:


  2. GH Says:

    Godspeed Lyman indeed. What a boss!

    Thanks alliance and keith.

  3. Justin Says:

    Awesome video. Love seeing Keith ride. Good luck keith!

  4. jeffmckee Says:

    USA all the way Baby! …Good Luck Keith! Can’t wait to give your new board a shred! I should have known you were military bound when we were 15 and you were camping in a tent in your own back yard and renting your room out to Benny G to pay for boat gas! Talk about a dedication. You’ll be a hell of a soldier I’m sure. Let us know when we can go out and buy your pro model combat boots…

  5. the other luke Says:

    god speed

  6. Nicholas Danger Blaine Says:

    Oakley should make some digital camo print Lyman edition boardshorts. I’d wear em

  7. Eric Weber Says:

    awesome video! inspiration to all of America and the Wakeboarding population.

    Whats the song name??

  8. peter Says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Keith and it suck that he stop wakeboarding. But what really suck is that he stop for joining the army. It would have been nice if he was joining a noble cause like helping children in Africa or something but no he’s leaving to fight and die for a stupid cause that I’ve been choosen by your stupid old president that made this war for petrol.

    So please for fock sake open your eyes, stop being so patriotic and realise that it’s all about money and that a lot of guys a dying for nothing!

  9. Corey Says:

    wow that was ignorant. I hope you don’t live here in America and get the freedoms that Keith and the rest of the armed forces are fighting for. Show some class… Oh wait that isn’t possible for you.

  10. peter Says:

    No, I don’t live in USA and that’s why I can notice that you are not fighting for freedom or anything but only for a stupid petrol economic reason.
    But the problem with the americans is that you are so patriotic that you will never see anything of what is really happening.

  11. you're a nerd Says:

    And that’s a problem? Being Patriotic? The [roblem with every other country in the world is that it SUCKS to SUCK cause you won’t ever know what it’s like to be BORN IN THE USA.

  12. Justin H. Says:

    Just when you think Kieth couldn’t be more hardcore, he picks up a machinegun. Thank you for your service.

    The world only wants the US military and $$ when it benefits them. Peter, I hope trouble dosen’t come knocking on your door, but if it does, You better hope Mr. Lyman is there to bail you out.

  13. Shaun Murray Says:

    Peter, take it elsewhere. Not here and not now.

  14. mark k Says:

    Peter jeeze man shut it. Not a good time or place. Go take your hate speech put it on facebook or some jihad site. Always gotta be a jerk out there.

  15. Matthew Peevy Says:

    It would be great if Alliance Wake would delete peter’s comments (peter, your name isn’t worth capitalizing). It’s very ignorant for someone from another country to try and accurately tell us what we are and are not doing… It’s called justice buddy. Read up on what that means, reflect on the events of 9/11, and then let’s talk again. OR, take up arms and join the other side in this war. One of our guys will teach you a lesson there. Who knows, it could even be Keith himself.

  16. Matthew Peevy Says:

    On a different note, I really, REALLY wish I could watch these videos on my iPad! I love this device, and I love this website, but I’m really disapointed that they don’t love each other. Steve Jobs and his Flash hating -_-

  17. Anthony Cote Says:

    I agree with peter,I’m not born in the usa but I think its a sad thing he wants to risk his life after the wakeboarding he’s got.

  18. america Says:

    and that’s why the USA runs whatever jerkwater place you come from where you probably don’t even have a real country.

  19. Mitch Says:

    Im bumbed to see one of my favorite riders leave the sport. I have only respect for what you left it for Keith! Ive loved riding my Lyman boards, and I will be watching Lyman vids to keep me stoke on wakeboarding for a long time!

  20. hmm Says:

    honestly i respect Keith for pursuing his dream. Although I hate the dream he is pursuing. And its disgusting to see how people are such dumb brainwashed jerks, go USA!

  21. Andrew Adkison Says:

    Much Respect to Keith!

  22. Mike Ennen Says:

    Good luck Keith, cant wait to check out your new board next week. Respect!

  23. jason borgman Says:

    Nobility is a hard thing to define for everyone, is it noble to help kids in Africa? Sure it is, but the thing everyone out there should understand is the most noble thing Keith did here was take the time to let us, his fans, and even those who are not his fans, know that he will no longer be able to be as large a part of wakeboarding as he once was. My favorite video parts are the ones with Keith in them. So this sucks in a sense, but the thing is, the guy is going to sacrifice something that he loves, something that has given him the opportunity to make money and live with freedoms that most people in the world will never experience… he is sacrificing this to help give those freedoms to others. Whether you view it as fighting for freedom or not is neither here nor there, Keith does, that is what the American military is here for, for freedom. When trouble comes knocking on the door of those less fortunate, our military answers… maybe not always how the world would like, but the problem is, someone will always take issue with the things another person, or country does and yet we still continue to put American lives on the line, and not often do we get or ask for any sort of help from other countries. Sure, the Brits, Ausies, and many other countries are there by our sides, but not in nearly the number or length of time, and you don’t hear much about the things they do, cause they are not nearly as hated as we Americans are. So I suppose what I am trying to say is, keep your smug and snarky comments to yourselves, as this man is doing something that about 1% of America (and most likely even less citizens of other more “sophisticated”, opinionated, and hateful countries) does, he is standing up and saying that he will help protect his fellow soldiers, fellow Americans, and fellow human beings from the evil that walks this earth. Oh, and to all of you out there who have a problem with this, most of us do not join the military to follow what our government tells us, we join to be a part of something that is bigger than us, we join to help protect our people, our family, our friends, this is how you do that in America. Not by sitting in a cubicle telling people that you hate the tyrannical rule of men… especially when you come from a place where war and tyranny are in your blood. Thank you Keith for all of the inspiring videos, the great gear, and the enjoyment that I have had watching you ride. Do your thing man, enjoy the ride, and know that it does get bumpy, sometimes unbearably bumpy, but there is always an end to every mission, and always a brother waiting to welcome you home or at least back to your hooch when that mission is finished. Be safe man.

  24. Logan Downer Says:

    Godspeed Lyman! Remember lay low, aim high!


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