I dont know about you guys but here around central Florida on Labor day weekend the lakes are full of chop, packed with joy riding jet skiers and wake charging tubers, but there is a way around that. Getting up before the sun is your solution. It might not seem like a fun idea but if you want to catch the glass then that is what you have to do. I started my weekend early, on friday before the Rland premier I hooked up with David Hanson and roomie Andrew Pastura. They have a sick winch set up right out their front door after a good rain that is just perfect. Nick Taylor made a guest appearance and showed us how he can ollie like a mad man.

It was a rushed session because we didn’t want to miss the Rland premier. We ended up getting there late, but you know how wakeskaters are. If you say 4 you really mean 6:30, still we didn’t miss much. It was a great evening. I checked out some awesome art and a sick wakeskating vid that puts the art of wakeskating back in to the sport. I recommend checking it out.

My buddy Matt Petrasko just got himself an 04 malibu wakesetter that has more subs than most cars on the road. Needless to say it is a rockin boat. On saturday Steve McMurtrie, Jen GilanFarr, Matt and I got up early to hit the water before the crowd. When I say early I mean 6:30am early. It was a great set, bad for taking pics beacause of the intense sun, but I got some good shots.

I think we were on the boat for like 4 hours before our first break. By then there were boats coming out and the wind was picking up, so we set up the barrell so Steve could get crazy with it and Jen could get some filming in. All in all it was a great day and a good weekend.