September 18th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

We did it again. The Alliance Less Than 5 contest is back and thanks to our friends at MasterCraft Boats the contest was bigger and better than ever. Pay attention kids… this is wakeboarding! For more info about this event check out the Oct/Nov issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

61 Responses to “Less Than 5 contest presented by MasterCraft Boats”

  1. chad Says:

    every contest should be less than 540. So sick

  2. bobby Says:

    Congrats to Bob, but how the f#$%& did Derek not even make the finals? He had more style in just the footage I saw than any other rider in the entire contest

  5. AB Says:

    my fav contest ….

  6. BAM Says:

    i agree with bobby, how the hell did dereks wrapped 3 to revert not get him into the finals, i mean that trick got him into the nominees for trick of the year last year and it was thrown by multiple people. that makes no sense….

    also how the whole west coast on the same heat? wow, should have redrawn to mix it up.

  7. Schmidty Says:

    I don’t want to be a hater but I agree with Bobby and BAM. Bob and all those guys from the east coast had some pretty good style. But how do you get the entire Delta Force in one heat and how does cook get passed up for finals! Btw you guys like how for the out takes they showed more of the Delta Force crew than even Bob! Just saying.

  8. jon Says:

    i get the feeling that parks doesn’t particularly like wrapped tricks

  9. boomsmack Says:

    best contest ever

  10. Pete Says:

    What a rip… Derek must have fallen or something… Why didnt he make it into the finals? Bob went big for sure… but not a whole lot of creative grabs or anything. This would be a tough one to judge.

  11. bro Says:

    Thoooo Thtylyyy man that wath thick!

  12. Steve Gould Says:

    awesome! miss vandall

  13. Riley Says:

    Derek Cook all damn day! We all know who really won!

  14. TheSpangler Says:

    Derek’s tricks were steezy!

  15. trickskiing Says:

    Bob killed it would have loved to see Randall witness the sickness! Not only the amplitude and cleanliness but difficulty as well, Tail TS BS 180 large and in charge. Looked to be railing into that wake every hit!

  16. Bonerfay Says:

    Dude, Derek Cook is played out compared to Bobby Sov’s. How many wrapped up three’s can you do? We have Watson for that…

  17. bobby Says:

    Dereks played out and bob isnt? “bonerfay” you have no idea what you are talking about. Bob does stock tricks and is in every video and mag out there. You can’t more played out than that.

  18. Bonerfay Says:

    Every hit at the Wake Bob sent it DEEP into the flats, when was the last time you saw a ts bs/ or fs 3 done that big? Nothing against Cook, but he knee knocked his way through 10 wrapped w2w spins and had no amplitude. those ts fs wrapped spins are terrible- especially when he wheelies out. Bow down Bobby Sovs murked them all.

  19. bobby Says:

    You see dudes go that big all the time. Maybe not in that particular contest, true. No doubt bob took it, it got first place. Derek had style that the other riders didn’t

  20. Real talk Says:

    It’s a less than 5 contest! Going wake to wake s/b disqualified.
    Just saying.

    Real talk

  21. christian Says:

    very surprised you don’t see more sick tricks like s bends and vulkens in these contests because technically they are less then 540…. really sick of seeing toeside and heelside 360’s.

  22. 420blaze Says:

    shane should probly stop wakeboarding pretty soon. sick toeside 180

  23. cactusjib Says:

    I know trevor maur has probably done a crap load of special stretches to perform his tucked knee grabs but come on, am I the only one that thinks they’re gay? Please stop trevor.

  24. haha Says:

    christian please quit wakeboarding if you think vulcans and sbends are in any way sick.. whirlybirds are prolly your favorite trick too ehh

  25. dave Says:

    Derek for the win! Good job Derek!

  26. Rock Says:

    420 blaze bro, you should probably stop smoking dope instead suggesting Shane should stop Wakeboarding. Your not allowed to post anymore because you are making us all as dumb as you when you disrespect a professional wakeboarder.

    And Catusjib anyone who points out things that they think are gay, are gay themselves.

    Lets see, who else? jon, since Parks best friend is Harf ( basically invented wrapping alongside Benny G ) your 100% wrong!

    ha ha, do have a big enough sac to throw an s bend? If you honestly answer yes, then your basically claiming your better than Murray, Corey Bradley and anyone else who actually has a sac.

    And everyone who is wining about Delta crew being in the same heat, you are the guys who always faked an injury when things got tough in sports. Your new nicknames are the Excuse kings!

    I usually never comment, but you guys with all your negative energy needed to be called out. If I was a pro wakeboarder I wouldn’t be making negative comments because I’m jealous of their skill, so obviously nobody here is pro and should take their insecurities elsewhere. You guys would be pissing your little pants if you had ride next to everyone in that comp. so until your invited to the >5 comp please go face plant a few more times and loose your ability to think.

    Rock, out, to ALL the pros in that segment, nothing but respect.

  27. Rock Says:

    The only way this comp could be better is if Sharpe, Smith, Ruck, Errington, and Allen were all in.

  28. SETx Wake Says:

    wow BOB. the ts bs melon 3 at 6:18 was so solid. great contest concept! keep it up #Alliance

  29. cactusjib Says:

    No you’re gay Rock….and your moms gay too.

  30. Bryan S. Says:

    This is exactly what the sport needs, keep it up!

  31. chad Says:

    pretty sure trick skiers have been wrapping up tricks for decades using braided handles so Harf and Benny G did not invent wrapping tricks, although they have popularized them in recent years. Randall was pushing wrapped tricks back in the late ’90’s early ’00s. Sorry for the history lesson.

    Also it is 5…

    Anywho best contest ever, everyone sounded pretty amped on it and if you read the article and watched the vid no one seemed butt hurt about the results.

  32. Derek Von Berg Says:

    East coast !enuff said

  33. Derek Von Berg Says:


  34. 420blaze Says:

    Hey Rock im not your bro, your blatant misunderstanding of the sport of wakeboaring baffles me. even after all my bong hits i still can’t comprehend how much of a retard you are, throwing in made up statistics and random comparisons to og wackboarders. anyway hope this makes you feel better, probably should go do some learning into this sport and others around it. You should just stick to not commenting and smoke a bowl or two.

    “rock out”

  35. Bill Dance Says:

    Hey guys, can’t we all just stop making big wakes and go fishing instead?

    …ALSO, if we wanna get technical here, Derek’s wrapped rewind IS a 540 degree spin.

  36. Parker Says:

    Its nice to see this sport start to take a different direction and diverge into different styles! I like how some are into tech tricks and others into nothing but style, boat and cable. It really makes it more interesting to watch different things, as well as ride with a variety of people!

    Thanks for the awesome video!!

  37. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Love all the riding. Cool unique contest and concept that rewards grabs, double grabs, pokes, big spins. Thanks again for the edit Alliance! Keeping people stoked for days. If I were I judge I would say Bob killed it, Derek Cook killed it, and the Slingshot dude!

  39. trickskiing Says:

    Lucky your not a judge Christopher I don’t think I saw anyone from Slinga there?

    Rock, DHarf invented wrapper tricks? Hilarious! Danny did make wrapped tricks look awesome on the other hand. His TS BS OA 360 is a bazillion times better than anyone else not to mention his HS BS 540 Rodeo!

  40. Rock Says:

    Chad, trickskiing, where I’m from “basically” means you are describing the most relevant aspects of the topic without mentioning the specific details. So when I said Harf and Benny G “basically” invented wrap tricks I was saying that they invented wrap tricks in the modern era of wakeboarding as it relates to the current riders. I’m pretty sure the old school trick skiers with their “braded” handles weren’t doing HS BS wrap off axis 540’s like Benny G. So sorry for “basically” being accurate when I say Harf and Benny G invented wrap tricks in the modern era of the sport because if those two did not “popularize” the wrap tricks then who knows if these competitors would be doing them today.

    Chad, sorry for leaving out Vandall, oops I’m probably not as knowledgeable as you in the history of wakeboarding so I’m probably not allowed to use his nickname unless I know the exact decade in which he received his nickname.. Unless your Chad Sharpe stop talking down to people and take a history lesson on how to read and interpret “basic” words. By the way I did read the article and watched the vid.

    420blaze, bro, bro, bro, dude, man, homie, og maybe you should stop playing wakeboard video games and actually try the real thing because you fried your last brain cell BRO! Made up statistics? You saw 100% and you think I was referring to a statistic? Go back and read it again SLOWLY. Next time you read slow down and read every word in the sentence then try to understand that sentence without having to read it again. Random comparisons? So Parks and Harf are not best friends because they both have claimed they are best friends several times. Unlike you I’m not stoned when I read articles and watch vids. And I hope your not referring to Harf and Benny G because I wasn’t comparing them. Again lay off the dope for at least two weeks, go back and read it again slowly because not once did claim anything I said as a statistic or compare anyone.

    So, 420blaze please enlighten me unto which statistic you are referring to, and to which comparison as well. I guess I haven’t played as many wakeboarding video games as you so I’m misunderstanding the actual real sport of wakeboarding where you use more than just your munchified Cheetos covered thumbs.

  41. Rock Says:

    trickskiing, what’s “hilarious” besides the fact that you and Wakeboarding history professor Chad’s inability to interpret the meaning of the word basically, is that your a trick skier trying to re live your glory days in the wakeboard seen.

  42. Rock Says:

    Catusjib, my mom is actually married to a man, and I’m married to a women. I’m just trying to make your transition into coming out easier. Cause you keep saying everyone is gay so it seems to be the only thing on your mind. I’m not sure how old you are, but I’m assuming high school so if your really not gay then just a heads up, calling people gay is not cool when your out of high school.

  43. Bill Dance Says:

    I don’t know what we are fighting about guys, but can we seriously just stop making big wakes so I can actually fish for 5 minutes?

  44. Haha Says:

    The Chronicles of an Angry Trickskier, by Rock. Hahaha holy hell calm down before u have a hear attack. PS sbends are pussy easy shit it’s a layed out anti style front that I’m sad to say I have actually done. Thank god those are not a real trick anymore. I can’t wait to hear another chapter from your book of wisdom via alliance comment haha kook! PPS Bill I think all the bro hate scared all the fish away

  45. bokdoos Says:

    Cook was robbed. Should’ve at least made the finals. BS 1 to flats is getting stale.

  46. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Hahaha trickskiing yea sorry was commenting without rewatching but the Obrien Dude (Jeff Langley) killed it and I would like to throw in Twelker as well just love his pokes…he must be from the Mike Schweene school of pokage! :D

  47. cactusjib Says:

    Rock, thank you for laying all of that out for me. The explanation of your families sexual orientations was needed. I still think you are gay. . ===><=== ?????
    (OO) (OO)

  48. Rock Says:

    Catusjib, throw up an edit so we can post on how gay your style is.

    Trevor please post an edit everyday doing the that same trick that Catusjib obviously can’t do so he can post on how gay he thinks is and have nobody agree with him.

    Catusjib , just come out the closet already. And as much as you want me to be gay, I’m not, and Trevor probably isn’t either. Sorry you going to haft to find your date elsewhere. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m about to go do some sets with my banging wife out at lake while you keep looking for someone to play swords with.

  49. Rock Says:

    Ha ha, where did pick up that I’m a trick skier ? You must have learned to read with 420blaze because the lack of intelligence and the basic ability to read is not here. And I have never heard of a “hear attack”, could you fill me in?

    FYI, an sbend is not a layed out front, there is no end over end rotation, its a raley with a backside360. And so if you can do a real sbend and its so easy for you throw up an edit so we can do a side by side next to Murray’s with him landing way out in the flats. According to Corey Bradly and the school of wake its a real trick and is still done. It sounds like anything less than a 1260 isn’t good enough for you so ill look for that s bend edit and could you throw in 1620 stale,mute,tail as well because I’m sure that’s your warmup trick.

    I’m so sick of posers getting on here and criticizing the vids and making claims that they could do s bends in their sleep, And claiming they can do these ” pussy easy shit” tricks. If some of these dudes were half as good as they claim then we would be watching their edits so I call BS ha ha until you drop an edit. Until then keep working on those routine 1980 stale, mute, nose, tail grabs ok.

  50. Whakzeach Says:

    Alight rocky, can I call u rocky? You obviously only learned about old wakeboarding which is understandable considering your age but the rest of us are kinda embarrased of how dumb wakeboarding used to be. That’s why we’re not in the xgames anymore so if u could please stop worshipping raleys and sbends and whatever other twirly 90s tricks u like, we’re trying to legitimize the sport again so ya do everyone a favor and go watch some snowboarding cus it’s pretty much what wakeboarding should look like (and for god sakes not Shaun White because you only seem to know about the big names in wakeboarding so I would expect no less of u in snowboarding). Watch some street sections and then u might realize that the type of riders who are really pushing the sport are raph, nico, felix, windsor, and graeme. Get back to me when you get it

  51. trickskiing Says:

    Rock, so by “basically invented wrapping” you meant to say “basically reinvented wrapped tricks in the modern era”?

    Sorry for not getting it the first time, you left some crucial elements out to convey what you were getting at.

    Rather childish and hypocritical to pick up on peoples typos, I mean re read some you posts “wakeboard seen” for example.

    I do how ever agree with you last two points

    Signing out “The Real Rock” not the “Cock” above!

  52. Rock Says:

    Alright Whakoff can I call u Whakoff? All I’m saying is it takes some balls to throw an sbend, and anytime a rider lands in the flats whether it’s a raley or a straight air, it should be respected. So go do some more 1080’s and casing the wake every time instead of clearing it. Your embarrassed for the dudes that pushed the sport for you? I don’t think Murray was embarrassed when he did his raley to blind in Defy during that first segment with Jimmy Leriche, Parks, Adam Errington, Rusty Malinowski, and Bob Soven. Is that enough names for you? Kevin Henshaw, Alex Graydon, Jeff McKee, Dean Smith, Chad Sharpe, Corey Bradley and Benny G who I mentioned earlier, Brad Smele Austin Pratt, Keenan Allen, Davis Griffin, Chris Adabie, Clayton Underwood, Ollie Derom who is Raphs brother, Andrew Adams, Aron Rathy, Nico Von Lerchenfield who is the son of Christian Lerchenfield who is the founder of Sesitec and was formerly with Rixen who’s first name was Bruno, Jeff House, Brenton Priestly, Tom Fooshe, Dom Hernler, Erick Ruck, Steffen Vollert, Harley Clifford, Daniel Powers, Josh Palma, Phil Soven, Gabe Lucas, Kasen Suyderhoud, Grahm Buress, the Breddas brothers, Collin Herrington, Shawn Watson, Todd Watson, Trevor Hansen, Sam Adams who installs Sesitec cable systems, Manu Rupp, who also installs for Sesitec, Mike Dowdy. Sorry if I missed any boss. Unlike you I appreciate the sport in its entirety.

    I was unaware that you are at the forefront of the progression of “your” sport, the alpha male, calling the shots. So it sounds like Raph, Nico, Windsor, Buress are the only dudes you know and must be your BFF’s do you Whakoff them as well when your telling the entire industry what tricks you would want them do? I would find so much pleasure to watch you ride doubles with Murray and watch him bitch slap you every time he leaps clean over head doing his sbend while your doing your 1620’s. So if your done sucking off Raph, Windsor, Nico, and Buress post an edit so I can see the way you think every rider including myself should ride.

  53. Rock Says:

    Trikskiing, fair enough, I respect that last comment, not cool calling me a “Cock” though, I would prefer being called other barnyard animals please.

  54. Please Says:

    Can you all just use another website for your bullshit?

  55. Bill Dance Says:

    We should all go fishing instead of acting like a bunch of idiots.

  56. cactusjib Says:

    Got to love insecure, defensive people. You’re the best Rock.

    I just want to know from anyone else still reading this thread of comments. Am I alone in thinking that trevor maur’s signature tucked knee tricks don’t look good? Or are at least a little over done in his edits? To each his own. Just expressing opinion.

  57. Rock Says:

    I’m not insecure, I just had to call you out catusjib for criticizing a pro when your not one. I respect the sport from old school to new school. My point is every rider has their individuality and that is awesome cause riders can indentify with themselves it’s fulfilling. But when dudes get on here and bash pros or say this is the way it should look, it takes away from the individuality of the sport.

  58. Rock Says:

    Everyone, I want to apologize for my comments, it really is not my style to comment like I did. I have admiration for those who just left it alone, I wish I would have,
    Sincerely sorry, I was being an idiot for sure.

  60. don kking Says:

    most of the people who comment on here are idiots. Also Cook got robbed, east coast biased, and i could name 5 riders who should have replaced certain riders in this contest (wack, there has been better less the 5 contest).

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