LF Faithful,
Welcome to the Holiday Edition of The Truth… where we bring you good cheer and plenty of happenings in the world of Liquid Force…
Let’s jump right into it with the biggest adventure our team’s ever been a part of…
Liquid Force takes over the UAE…
Shawn Watson, Aaron Reed, Shane Bonifay, and Collin Harrington just returned from a two week excursion to the U.A.E where they were joined by their team Manager, Aaron Grace, as well as Kevin Michael of WakeBoarding Magazine, and Joey Meddock of the Standerd Quarterly.  The team traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two of the fastest growing and wealthiest cities in the world, to hang out with the LF distributors, Alan Linnitt and Vicki Radford.  The first few days, most of the riding took place in Abu Dhabi, where the city was celebrating the U.A.E national holiday.  Watson, Shane, Reed and Harrington all rode as part of the festivities for the locals and for some of the high royalty and Sheiks of Abu Dhabi.  During the weekend, the team also got a chance to teach some local kids that had recently started getting in to the sport of wakeboarding, how to better their skills.  Some of these kids competed in the local contest associated with the national holiday events and were judged by LF crew and Joey Meddock from the Standerd.  According to Aaron Grace, one kid named Mohammad was the standout of the event.  He was the most excited kid we’d ever seen at a wake event as he waited in the water with his gear on as 8 riders ahead of him took their turns.  By the time he rode he was pretty water logged but went out and tore it up!  
The day time was great, but the real experience took place when the sun went down!  The people of Abu Dhabi take celebrating there national holiday to an all new level… they make the 4th of July celebrations here in the States look like child’s play.  There celebration lasted for three consecutive nights… it was wild!
The second week of the trip was mostly spent in and around Dubai. Dubai is located on the Eastern Coast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, and happens to be where LF produces all of its wakeboards. The team got a chance to check out some the sights of Dubai, which are absolutely amazing.  Sheik Samir took the team to the Burj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel where they got to rub elbows with the rich and famous and sip on some $20 beers and $40 cocktails.  
The riders also got a chance to go to LF’s board factory and check out where all of the boards that they earn their living on are made.  It was a great experience for all… the factory employees were treated to a special demo performed by the LF Pro’s at the Jazira Beach Club.  After the demo, Shawn, Shane and the others dug in and helped make some of the LTD versions of their boards that were coming off the line. Watson custom painted approximately 100 of the LTD versions of his board that will be for sale in March… if you’re looking to buy one in March, there’s a good chance that it was hand built by Watson himself!
One evening was spent snowboarding (yes… snowboarding) in the middle of the desert.  Dubai is home of Ski Dubai, the worlds largest indoor ski and snowboard hill.  The place is unlike any other structure in the world and the team had a blast shredding indoors while it was 85 degrees outside.
The trip wrapped up with a desert excursion.  Three H2 hummers came by the house and picked everyone up and took them an hour into the middle of the desert where there was nothing but dunes for as far as the eye could see, followed by an authentic Arabian dinner and belly dancing show. It was an experience unlike any they’d ever had! Be sure to check out www.wakeboardingmag.com <http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/>  and upcoming issues of WakeBoarding Magazine for photos and a full story on the trip.  Also, be sure to check out www.liquidforce.com <http://www.liquidforce.com/>  for weekly video clips from the trip.  
Magalog issue 2….
If you’re ready to learn all you’d ever want to know about our brand and then some… you’re in luck!  Our 2nd Annual Magalog (yep… not quite a magazine and not quite a catalog… somewhere in between) is at the printer right now and will be shipping to dealers and boat shows later this month.  We’ve filled 148 pages with articles written by those of us at LF, as well as some great articles written by other riders, and industry big wigs!  Shane Bonifay and his “Claremont Kicker” at Powell graces the cover of our 2nd edition… stay tuned to find out what’s inside!
Boat Show Season is back!
Yep… it’s almost upon us… the 2008 Boat Show season.  We’ll be traveling the country hoping to meet each and every one of you and talk to you about our 2008 product line.  We’re currently getting all of the athletes dialed to attend Boat Shows across the country this winter. Here is a quick list showing who to expect and where to expect them… Updates for other boat shows will be coming soon…
Pleasanton, CA… Jan 4th-6… Mike Ennen, Shelby Kantar, Daniel Doud
Pleasanton, CA… Jan 11th- 13th… Ben Greenwood, Jacob Locken
Kansas City, MO… Jan 11th-13th… Kevin Henshaw
Portland, OR… Jan 11th-13th… Mike Ennen
Chicago, IL… Jan 18th-20th… Shane Bonifay, Steph Wamsley
Denver, CO… Jan 17th-20th… Tino Santori, Danny Hampson, Shelby Kantar, Brian Reeder
Austin, TX… Jan 17th-20th… Aaron Reed
Minneapolis, MN… Jan 25th- 27th… Silas Thurman
Louisville, KY… Feb 1st-3rd… Aaron Reed
Dallas, TX… Feb 1st- 3rd… Keith Lyman
Seattle, WA… Feb 1st-3rd… Mike Ennen
Dallas, TX… Feb 8th- 10th… Shawn Watson, Stef Tor
Boise, ID… Feb 8th-10th… Keith Lyman
Los Angeles, CA… Feb 8th-10th… Kevin Henshaw
Phoenix, AZ… Feb 6th-10th… Aaron Reed, Shane Bonifay, Shelby Kantar
Los Angeles, CA… Feb 15th-17th… Shane Bonifay, Silas Thurman
Calgary, Canada… Feb 15th-17th… Kevin Henshaw
Salt Lake City, UT… Feb 20th-24th… Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Ben Greenwood, Melissa Marquardt
Edmonton, Canada… March 13th-16th… Tino Santori
Lyman and Shane interviews…
Go to www.liquidforce.com <http://www.liquidforce.com/> right now and check out the newest interviews created by Liquid Force Films… we’ve got some quick words from Shane Bonifay and Keith Lyman about their life as wakeboarder’s as well as their feelings on LF and the sport in general… look for plenty of more interviews and stories to be popping up on our site soon.
Score yourself some free LF boardshorts…
By now you’ve probably heard that LF has launched an apparel line for 2008.  If you haven’t… get with it!  Top LF riders such as Mike Ennen, Melissa Marquardt, Shelby Kantar, Tom Fooshee, and Steph Wamsley are rocking it, as are up and comers like Steele Lafferty and James Balzer.  Products will be shipping in early January to the finest wake shops around.  If you’d like to score yourself a free pair all you need to currently do is go to www.wakeboardingmag.com <http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/> and sign up to win your favorite LF boardshort.  Stay tuned for more contests throughout the year including a chance to design your own pair and win boardshorts for life!  To check out all of our Spring 2008 apparel line, be sure to go to www.liquidforce.com/apparel_intro.htm <http://www.liquidforce.com/apparel_intro.htm> .
KCW Relentless Weekend announced… May 3-4
If you’ve never been to the Kansas City Watersports cable park, there’s never been a better time to go than this upcoming spring.  Mark the weekend of May 2nd -4th on your calendar and get yourself and all of your friends to KCW for a great weekend.  The event has become an annual vacation for a few of us here at LF, as well as some of our friends at Alliance. Riders such as Aaron Reed, Shawn Watson, Mike Ennen, Gregg Necrason, Kevin Henshaw, Melissa Marquardt and many more are regulars at this fun filled weekend. Stay tuned to www.liquidforce.com <http://www.liquidforce.com/> , as well as www.kcwatersports.com <http://www.kcwatersports.com/>  to find out more details as they get worked out.
LF BROstock Powell… June 13-15
BROstock 2008 at Lake Powell is shaping up to be the biggest event we’ve hosted yet!  If you’ve been to this event in the past, you know that good times are guaranteed for all.  What you don’t know is that some MAJOR changes are in shape for the 2008 event.  We’re talking MAJOR changes.  If you’re a fan of LF, you will want to be there.  If you’re not a fan of LF you will still want to be there.  We’re claiming that this is going to be the biggest event in wake for 2008!  Details will be coming soon… be sure to go to www.lakepowell.com <http://www.lakepowell.com/>  to sign up for your houseboats now… get them before they’re all booked!
Push Process…
Our long time friend Justin Stephens has created another masterpiece. The Premier of Push Process was November 10th and the movie did not disappoint.  The premier was at Oakley’s world headquarters and was well-attended by the Maven crew: Amber, Andi Founts, and Melissa of course! They were all there to check out Amber’s amazing section!    Not to be left out, the guys came in full force, as well!  Keith Lyman was there to check out his amazing section… unfortunately he was on crutches after blowing out his ACL trying to get last minute footage… you can’t say he wasn’t giving it all he had!  Keith’s part was unbelievable and should put him in the running for Video Section of the year in 2008!  Danny Hampson’s part showed that he is hands down the most stylish and artistic wakeskater on the planet… his part made all of us want to run out, grab our boards and do some soul slaishes!  Look for premiers to continue popping up around the US, as well as the world!  Amber is flying to Singapore for the Singapore Premier of Push Process later this month. She’ll be doing some local clinics and promo events as well.
Kiteboarder’s are going big…
We can’t leave our kite crew out of this Month’s edition of the Truth… Kiting has grown in popularity every year and this year has seen the biggest explosion yet.  If you haven’t tried kiting yet, go to www.liquidforcekites <http://www.liquidforcekites/> and you’ll find out how to learn this sport that is taking the coastal and inland waterways by storm.
And now… in the world of Maven…
Amber starts off winning OZ PWT #1 and Melissa is on her way . . .
As the U.S. Competitive season has wrapped up the Australian Pro Tour is just beginning . . . This year’s tour includes multiple stops in Australia and one in New Zealand. Amber Wing won the first tour stop last month and is looking forward to January 26th’s 2nd stop where teammate, Melissa Marquardt, will be joining her! Melissa is heading down under for good month or so to compete in the tour and hang out with friends, Amber and Andrea Fountain.
Shelby, Andrea and Raimi in Doha for the World Cup
Shelby Kantar, Andrea Fountain and Raimi Merritt all flew to Doha for the World Cup event in which Raimi took second place and Shelby took third!!! CONGRATS to all the girls who competed and thanks for representing the US in the World Cup.
Kara Austin turns 21 . . .
Kara turned 21 in October and the celebration lasted almost the entire month! Check out galleries in the photo section to relive some of the chaos www.liquidforcemaven.com <http://www.liquidforcemaven.com/>   
Melissa turns 24!
Melissa is officially in her mid-twenties and celebrated in the usual Canyon Lake style . . . Happy Birthday!
Alliance Riders of the year: Amber Wing and Stephanie Wamsley!
Alliance Magazine sent out their yearly ROTY awards in the most current issue, naming Amber Wing as the Female Rider of the Year for the second year in a row! Congrats to Amber!!! In Alliance Wakeskate Magazine Stephanie Wamsley was named Female Wakeskater of the Year.  This was the first year they have had that category and we’re assuming that they added it because of Steph progressing so quickly and “upping the ante” for girls in the sport.  
Well… that’s it for now… time to get back to work and get ready for our annual LF Christmas party.  If you’re a regular of Surf Bowl in Oceanside, you better watch out… we’re coming in full force tonight! Look for photos of our night’s events to be featured in the next edition of The Truth… where we keep you informed on all that’s happening in the world we like to call LF.
Happy Holidays!