May 26th, 2010 by Rusty Manoff

Do they have what it takes?

Do they have what it takes?

10 Responses to “LF Tube Team Tryouts”

  1. braden Says:

    HAHAH so funny. bob went hugeeeee

  2. cool Says:

    well that was probably the gayest thing ive ever seen….

  3. Justin H. Says:

    Tubes…really. I know it is a big$$ market, but please leave it to Kent watersports. LF please refind yourself.

    Have fun and don’t get hurt guys.

  4. Matt Says:

    Man this makes me want to go IPA-ing. Forget wakeboarding.

  5. yup Says:

    LF is Kent Watersports and BobArcher

  6. jim Says:

    cut them some slack. the industry is desperate in times like this.

  7. NOTbeer Says:

    at least they have mansoda holders. those things could come in handy at the lake around mid august!

  8. Bill Porter Says:

    That is so damn funny…..Great work guys!..(and ladies)

  9. Chace Shortt Says:

    haha that was so funny me and my freind did a double railie off a double up the other day it was insain but when we landed we both had alike concusions lol

  10. hop off Says:

    hey Cool, your not cool


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