July 1st, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

I was able to make it out on the lake with Brandon for two sets to have him put down a few lines.

10 Responses to “Lines: Brandon Thomas”

  1. Vinny Says:

    So good to see a BT specific video! Great!

  2. Clark Griswald Says:

    BT looks like he’d smell bad

  3. Anon Says:

    Spencer Norris really needs to step his game up. The level of production that became associated with Alliance Wake because of Patrick Weiland was incredible. It was obvious how much work went into Patrick’s edits, and how much he valued the look and feel of his final product. It seems like all of Spencer’s edits are thrown together at the last minute. As an outsider looking it all I see is poor production quality, and very little work put into post production. I know this industry is small and budget limited, but there has to be better content producers available. Alliance, you can do better.

  4. Watrick Pieland Says:

    that video was shit, i have to agree with Anon. This dude is pretty terrible. What seperates this edit from a pre pubescent 10 year old filming his little sister’s first kneeboard waterstarts with a go pro? Nothing, except the stinky hippie in front of the lense. The fact that this dude also lost all of Rathy’s footage, for what was touted as one of the best parts to be pieced together, just makes me hate him even more.

  5. aussie aussie aussie Says:

    Settle down, it’s just a simple piece.

  6. Evan Says:

    Nice boat riding BT! w2w front bigs are so clean!!

  7. Bill Brasky Says:

    Did anyone pay to watch this? Were you forced? Then please stop bitching and go rollerblade or something else…
    Decent edit, decent shooting, good riding. It’s nice to see a little skate content on the site though. Keep them coming.

  8. Spence Says:

    My neighbor has six rabbits.

  9. Brad Arnold Says:

    BT holding it down, but the edit looked like my mom filmed it. Horrific song choice…

  10. Nicolas Petway Says:

    Nice placement. I gain knowledge of a little added challenging proceeding discrete blogs everyday. Thanks for sharing.


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