March 6th, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

Slingshot Wake‘s new team film Lipsmack, dropping May 2012. Shredtown will be there.

Slingshot Wake‘s new team film Lipsmack, dropping May 2012. Shredtown will be there.

25 Responses to “Lipsmack: Shredtown Teaser”

  1. max Says:

    looks promising ..

  2. Eng Popo Says:

    up culvert to stairs… so sick

  3. Please Says:

    Please don’t make this like Defy and over hype the video, wait too long to release it, and make the teasers better than the actual video…

  4. ouch Says:

    @Please .. Way to critical , defy is actually a really good film with incredible camera angle and awesome tricks like all the way grabed doubleflips. Sorry

  5. actually Says:

    This looks like it will be dope. Keep it up.

  6. hmmm. Says:

    snowboarding on water. finally. looks amazing

  7. hmmmm Says:

    Shredtown + Lipsmack > DEFY…. Biggest waste of money buying defy. Ill never watch it again.

  8. Corey Says:

    hmmm… Since you don’t need your copy anymore, mind sending it to my house. I’ll send you my address.

  9. Please Says:

    Danny Harf made the bold claim that he was going to dedicate 3 years of his life to landing new tricks that have never been done before. This got me incredibly excited for Defy. He did not deliver on his promise. Bottom line: Harley Clifford can do every trick in Defy in a double up contest… Correct me if I am wrong.

  10. triplethreat Says:


  11. Corey Says:

    Im wondering if there were bangers and cool stunts not shown in the video because the filmers got new gear on set towards the end. They may have used stuff shot on RED simply because it was high res or high speed footage. I’m willing to bet they have some really cool footage over those 3 years but didn’t add it because “They” all had seen that footage for years. I was expecting to see stuff like the kicker over the island at blue lake, or the Rooftop rail they had out there…

  12. Wow! Says:

    Im so excited to see this movie. Can not wait.

  13. alex Says:

    I have never seen harley do a toe back 9 or a double flip

  14. dude Says:

    Wait isn’t a “Harley” a motorbike?

  15. Reeder Says:

    those stairs look good for fire crackin… but how about good ol walking ?

  16. nate Says:

    That’s what these boots are for

  17. Please Says:

    Alex- Harley confirmed that he has done both a toe back 9 and double flips..

  18. hoho Says:

    @ Please … Pleasee shut the #@$@ UP ! thanks


  19. nate Says:

    So I’m confused what does Harley have to do with lipsmack? U should take Ur conversation to wakeworld

  21. BAWS! Says:

    Haters be hatin!
    shut it and just enjoy the video!

  22. Kettle Says:

    Ya shredtown!! Love this non boat riding!!!

  23. Kaesen Suyderhoud Says:

    This video is going to be dope.

  24. ben dover Says:

    These guys ride for a kiteboarding company……..that’s so lame.

  25. sabian Says:

    this video is so sick


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