Born on the green, rolling hills of New Zealand, Liz spent her early years learning the ways of sheep. She had an almost preternatural connection with the animals, and when it came to sheering time, they would always submit to her gentle, yet firm, touch. When she left NZ for the States, she decided to settle in a place that would remind her of home, a place like the Atlantic Northeast – New Hampshire to be exact. She majored in cow milking and minored in accounting at Dartmouth College. One fateful day when Liz was stressing out about what she was going to do for her thesis project, a homeless women grabbed her by the arm while she was walking down the street. Historians are unsure as to what the woman actually said because Liz assures them that it was between the two of them only. But it can be accurately speculated that the woman instructed her to start her own fleece company, because this is what Liz did, and did it well. Eventually, she caught the eye of a golden haired, pseudo grunge-rock boy by the name of Bill. The rest is history. Her accounting skills came in handy when she took the monetary reigns of Alliance (and the cow milking didn't hurt either) and she's been steering the ship ever since.