Slingshot 142 recoil with D2 boots. 

Location: Lake Minnehaha of  Clermont, FL. 

Reward: Slingshot 142 recoil with D2 boots.


You heard right kids, the search is on. Somewhere in Lake Minnehaha is my brand new slingshot setup. The story goes like this; Henshaw was driving the towboat while ruck was riding. I had just finished riding so i put my board on the back sun-deck and then hopped in the chase boat. Erik was hitting double ups the whole time and my only focus was getting the photog's in the right spot to get the shot. When we finished up I asked where my board was and neither Kevin or Ruck had a clue. Kevin's board remained on the back beck right next to where i placed mine, but the Slingshot decided to get up leave. We're convinced it's floating upside down because we searched for about 20 minutes and covered little to no ground. 


Clue; The wind was blowing from the east.

 Happy Hunting. 


Send me an e-mail if you find it…Because you won't have any liners to wear. Haha!!!!