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BIGGER AND BETTER! That was the plan for the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour crew when putting on the 3rd tour stop hosted by LSU Wake at Bennett’s Ski School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nick McDonald, Megan Louviere, and the rest of the crew put on one the best collegiate contest to date of the tour with 52 total riders from 9 colleges, 2 states, and 2 countries. With over 250 people in attendance to watch the event, it was also the biggest to date. The sun, beach, and blue water combined with a wake boat on one lake and 40 feet from another lake with a winch and 3 rails, made for an excellent day for all. Not to mention the great parties that went on the night before and after.

LSU easily rode off with the victory by bringing 22 riders and placing 6 riders in their respective divisions. Nick Viccari led the team with a 2nd place finish in the toughest open division the tour has seen so far. LSU president Brannon Lauber and team captain Zach Sheets also both placed in the skate and advanced divisions respectively. ULM was a very distant 2nd place led by Cody Townsend and Kalynn Oswalt. Louisiana Tech redeemed themselves after a disappointing showing at the last tour stop to take 3rd place over Mississippi State and ULL. Mississippi State was competing in their first ever tournament with 11 riders, less than a month after officially being recognized as a team by the school.

All in all it was a great tour stop and left everyone looking forward to the final tour stop in Monroe hosted by defending LCWT Champs, Warhawk Wake from ULM. The stop will take place on campus at ULM on Bayou Desiard on April 21st. The First ever LCWT Awards Show will take place at 6th Street Bar in Monroe that night with a live band, drink specials, and big party for all!

We need to give special thanks to Adam Silcio for helping us out the past couple of years by hooking us up with Red Bull and being our judge at almost all of the Louisiana Wakeboard Community competitions. Adam has accepted a job with Singleton Marine Group in Atlanta, Georgia and will be leaving us soon. We wish him the best in his new career! Also big thanks to Bennett’s Ski School, Red Bull, Swamp Sports Board Shop, BuyWake.com, Backside 5 Clothing, Rukus Board Shop, Slingshot Wakeboards, and Louisianawakeboarding.com for all the support with prizes for all the riders and spectators.

Be sure to “like” the tour on Facebook and check out www.lacollegiatewaketour.com for all the updates, past event results, rider interviews, and tour standings!

LCWT – Hosted by LSU Wake – Results


1st – Rob Czeck – Nicholls State University

2nd – Kole Kindschuh – Our Lady of the Lake

3rd – Daniel Kopsco – Louisiana State University


1st – Kalynn Oswalt – University of Louisiana Monroe

2nd – Amanda Jamroz – Louisiana Tech University

3rd – Tiffany Shetters – Louisiana Tech University


1st – Chad Weaver  – University of Louisiana Lafayette

2nd – Ben Fowler – Louisiana State University

3rd – Josh Brasher – University of Louisiana Monroe


1st – Ian McDougall – University of Louisiana Lafayette

2nd – Brennan Thompson – Louisiana Tech University

3rd – Brannon Lauber – Louisiana State University


1st – David Curtis – Louisiana State University

2nd – Herman Baliaheon – Polostk State University

3rd – Zach Sheets – Louisiana State University


1st – Ben Albright – Southeastern Louisiana University

2nd – Nick Viccari – Louisiana State University

3rd – Cody Townsend – University of Louisiana Monroe

Team Results

1st – Louisiana State University

2nd – University of Louisiana Monroe

3rd – Louisiana Tech University

4th – Mississippi State University

5th – University of Louisiana Lafayette

10 Responses to “Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour”

  1. yo chea Says:

    hahahahah…thats riding? wow. bunch of douche posers that dont support their own local shops (rukus) and grab the deal online. pshhh. Then couldnt even put their very own pro rider allbright in the highlights. JOKE of a bunch of riders.

  3. hi hater Says:

    haters gone hate but wont eliminate the fact that the LCWT BR stop was a HIT! sorry you missed it HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! <3

  4. i was there. Says:

    Theres wakeboarding on the Jersey Shore bro? And yea it was a hit, a whole lot of gapers were there actin like they were at a real tour stop. HA.

  5. i was there. Says:

    Oh an joel, tell the frat crew to stick to crotch shorts and frat straps, no room in this game for frat bros dude

  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    real tour stops are FUN, relaxed and not FULL OF DOUCHE BAG haters like you bro! have you ever been? HA!

  7. i was there. Says:

    I ride BRO. DOUCHE BAG. nice gaper nice

  8. Pat McCrotch Says:

    Yo “i was there.”

    Leave these fools alone. THeyre cool. Fake it til you make brosephs haaaa

  9. HAHAhater Says:

    Hatersss gonna hate, if you weren’t there you missed out, nothing more then that, and our very own pro rider? thats the first event ben has even made, and he was the only one for his school, he came to have fun, not to compete. And yeah he’s not in the video, but neither is anyone from classes above wake skate. The teams that participated came to party, ride, and meet other riders, not judge and slander the english language like your 4th grade education has taught you. Peace out hater!

  10. Reese d'Aquin Says:

    WOW. Exactly right, why post anything negative! We worked extremely hard to even get to the point we made it to NOW. And if you are going to post negative reviews of anything, please feel free to come out and video, edit, and post up your view of how you things should be. I have been helping support the wake scene since 2006 and if you say we don’t support RUKUS… and they are upset tell them to give me a call. Because honestly we support every local shop who shows interest in being a part of collegiate wake!

    Ben did kill it, and do you think I wasn’t kicking myself for missing his run on film?! I had talked to him right before that run and I said that he was a mysterious legend we keep hearing about but never get to see him ride. EVER> So yeah I put the camera down to actually witness for myself what “True” riding is. We put so much work into getting these events started, organized, advertised, and structured so that others can enjoy in the fun.

    These events are full of fun, positive, and passionate riders. If you can’t see that, my apologies.


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