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The weather is getting cold in the states so everyone is heading to the warmth. Max van Helvoort and Massi Piffaretti hit up Thailand. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Max van Helvoort and Massi Piffaretti in Thailand”

  1. Matti Wake Polak Says:

    It’s fantastic yeah

  2. massiqueerfarretti Says:

    Good riding you are sick but no need to bash the kneeboarder that has most likely never even been dragged tubing and was just enjoying his vacation. Hows that g23 your daddy bought ya Massi? Id like to see your soccermom as well. Again you guys are dope but so close to having a single digit IQ. peace

  3. massi piffaretti Says:

    hey dude by the way the kneeboarder was my friend and sorry for saying bad stuff about him ;), my g23? hahahahahhahaha u know a lot about m… thanks for taking time and watch our vid :)

  4. That doode Says:

    YEEE! Frenchie and Ladro absolutely killing it! And some dark hole lover with the hate #whatadoosher


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