February 24th, 2012 by alliance

It’s Friday and we feel like a giveaway. Objections? Didn’t think so. We have an amazing photo of Zane Schwenk and a new 2011 CWB Vibe sitting here in our office that needs a home, and that home could be yours. All you have to do is leave your best caption for the photo in the comments below (logged in through facebook so we can identify you) and we will pick the winner come monday at 5PM PST. Let’s get this party started. TGIF.



121 Responses to “May the Best Caption Win:”

  1. Mikhale Johnson Says:

    super man aint got nothin on me

  2. Josh TheveryReal Mccoy Says:

    Lets ignore the board shorts, life jacket, and board and pretend this wasn’t 10 years ago.

  3. Andrew Hansen Says:

    Holy Twin Tale Robin, call “___________” for a cover shot!!

  4. Frank Schepers Says:

    “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…”

  5. Daniel jarrett Says:

    “Strangley it feels like the mid 90s up here-a shorty wet suit, gloves on-velcro snug around wrist, and Troy Navarro in the boat shooting an old Connelly instructional”.

  6. OMGawd Says:

    I’m too old for this Sh***************t.

  7. Carl T Zunno Says:

    Extreme Slalom skiing next, on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”

  8. Mark Heger Says:

    While the board might be a little outdated, his hairline seems to be way ahead of its time…

  9. Daniel Springer Says:

    New trick name: The reverse tumble-turn.

  10. Patrick S. Says:

    “I believe I can flyyyOOOOHHH SH******T!!!!!”

  11. Josh Tarble Says:

    whoa…dude….the phazers on this board make it soooo poppy

  12. Justin H. Says:

    Skiboarding 101

  13. John Zdeblick Says:

    At least no one can see my face…

  14. Adam Silcio Says:

    man… if only he was Asian: “Abba ree, I can fry!”

  15. Maxx Evan Says:

    “Could someone turn the Gravity Back on?”

  16. Ryan Arrison Says:

    “I can see my house from here!”

  18. Brett P. Says:

    I could have got twice this high, if I would have only hit it switch!

  19. Patrick Houston Says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  20. Connor Buss Says:

    Hell yeah! Instagram that shit!

  21. Eric Weber Says:

    ” Get some! Whats the weather like up here??? Its Partly Narly with a Chance of PAIN!”

  22. uhh.... Says:

    yea, but can harley do this…

  23. Chris Brown Says:

    hoochie’s aint the only thing that can g l i d e

  24. Steven Crew Says:

    CWB makes wakeboarding so easy even a Zaneman can do it!

  25. Michael Case Says:

    You too can get this high with the new CWB Quad tip Board. This can be you for the small price of “Make your own” like Zane.

  26. Zach Lambert Says:

    The Beast doesn’t include selling out.

  27. Calvin Clark Says:

    Hey Sarah Palin! I can see your house from here….and Russia.

  28. Phillip Calvin Clark Says:

    Hey Sarah Palin! I can see your house from here…and Russia.

  29. lewisd10 Says:

    ooopppssss i slipped a disc!!!!!!

  30. lewisd10 Says:

    ow my back

  31. David Hirsch Says:

    My job is better than yours…

  32. Alex Kalvin Says:

    “Yup, I am flying through the air sideways..this is not good”

  33. J Dub Says:

    That’s what I love about wakeboarding, man… I get older, the style stays the same age.

  34. Ryan Welch Says:

    Psssssttt, Hey need a towel?

  35. Chris H Says:

    too old to be photoshopped

  36. Bubba Brocard Says:

    The real way to get PLANKED!

  37. Jeff Mathis Says:

    strap on your gnarly boots cuz it’s time to get EXTREME.

  38. Willard Oldham Says:

    Da na na na na na na CONDORMAN!!!

  39. Thomas Gaffin Says:

    I knew getting pulled behind the Outerlimits boat with Andrew driving was a bad idea…

  40. Buck Kirkpatrick Says:

    ….. and after all that the board would STILL not come off!

  41. Justin Worrall Says:

    “I love hitting handrails, you can really lock in on that switch nosepress”

  42. Kurtis Hallam Says:

    “See! told you I could do it! now give me that 10 bucks! i’m saving up for a knee brace for when I get older. . .”

  43. Frank Kinzie Says:

    NEW! Zane Schwenk showing off the cutting edge Wingboard®. Wingboarding is the future of behind-the-boat watersports. Order your’s today!

  44. Sammy Ruloph Jr. Says:


  45. Sam Says:

    Im just mad i cant see if he has a mustache or not.

  46. Brian Wesselingh Says:

    Doesn’t matter what year it is. Its Inzane.

  47. Greg Livesey Says:

    Hey Mcfly, those boards don’t work on water, unless you’ve got POWER!

  49. Matthew Peevy Says:


  50. Ettore Oro Amaral Says:

    my shaper made a nice job with this board, by far the best wakeboard i have used!

  52. Eric Chambless Says:

    Parks Edition Mastercraft is a little to much for Murray

  53. Rachel Tooze Says:

    “Look mamma, I can fly!”

  54. JTWIZ Says:

    This kneebrace is gonna work for sure.

  55. justin Says:

    “Hey Zane, bet you cant do a mule kick with my 1984 burton woody”

  56. Travis Robinson Says:

    This is totally gonna get 10 likes on Instagram, now what filter to use? #raleylikemurray

  57. Julie Gilley-Nishida Says:

    “Just invented a new trick! Now all I have to do is give is a really cool name like The Slurpy…”

  58. Michelle Moretti Seaman Says:

    To introduce CWB’s 2013 RETRO line, we travel 20 years back in time to remember three things that never made it out of 1993; The Connelly Stick, the Air Raley, and Zane Schwenk

  59. Brannon Lauber Says:

    “That dude is Raley cool”

  60. Mikey Marsh Says:

    Can you do raley’s? Didn’t think so……Boomshakalaka

  61. Greg Whitehead Says:

    George hated it when his little brother Jesus competed in the same division at competitions…

  63. John Haile Says:

    If you ain’t flyin, you ain’t tryin

  64. Holleigh Frazier Says:

    Now I’m FREE, free fallin

  65. Reid Shimabukuro Says:

    Wait! I’m on ski’s……

  66. Patrick Dunnigan Says:

    Damn Hot tub timemachine’s

  67. James Cook Says:

    That coffee this morning was horrible, did I lock my front door? Taco bell was a bad idea last ni…SQUIRREL!!!!!! N

  68. Alex York Says:

    Just spot your landing & ride away!!!

  69. James unwin Says:

    I told you red bull gives you wings !!

  70. Wake Jerk Says:

    Wakeboarding…. as gay now as it ever was.

  71. Barnaby Chamberlain Says:

    The Helicopter tow was going well!

  72. Jes Dirrim Says:

    Planking… like a boss

  73. Steven Walker Says:

    Go big or Go home!!

  74. nathaniel Says:

    You kids have nothing on me. Retro hero all the way

  75. Jérémie Monein Says:

    Hey ! I can see my house from here !

  76. Joel Adair Says:

    This proves that a raley is actually easier than a 180! If you can sac up and go for it!

  77. Joel Adair Says:

    Hit it switch pussy!

  78. Bill Sloan Says:


  79. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    No son i will not buy you a new $600 wakeboard. If Zane can do it on a 1995 Connelly stick with sweet graphics so can you. Now grab me a crystal pepsi and pull out my trick ski, im up!

  80. Adam Werny Says:

    Prior to the hit he contemplated “What Would Murray Do?”

  81. Jarret Eubanks Says:

    “Well, this was a much better idea in my head.”

  82. Steven George Says:

    What the hell was I thinking. at least i’m scoring points with the hot blonde in the boat.

  83. Joel Adair Says:

    Your swizzle tail called…. It wants the 80’s back!

  84. Matthew Alsbury Says:

    It’s a bird,
    It’s a plane,
    No… It’s old school Zane!
    Feeling the 90’s Vibe!!

  85. Geoff Belnap Says:

    “I shouldn’t have let Parks drive today! AHHH!!!”

  86. Landon Oda Says:

    ima gonna make me you a nice pizzzzaaa pieee

  87. David Stover Says:

    Overheard from Zane after landing is 13,531st raley….”I think i should just stop wakeboarding and bring back competitive barefooting”

  88. Nejc German Says:

    Just don’t let go now..!!

  89. Dw Houston Says:

    If I land this, I’m gonna get all the kinky ladies, and I don’t care if they haves something wrong with them cause I’m a winner

  90. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    If only i could get my feet a little closer together. Then i could shred like Tony Finn.

  91. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    I dont know? I think my Scorpion Air looks better on my wake tech big air.

  92. Ed Says:

    Oh crap! I forgot the landing instructions.

  93. thief Says:

    really, zane’s move was the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen porn.

  94. Dan Lay Says:

    Year of double flips? Nah…I say bring back the raley!…Anyone? No?

  95. Justin Springer Says:


  96. Jimmy Sampey Says:

    Tell the jet to slow down! I’m Flying to fast

  97. Andrew Brodell Says:

    Shaun Murray ain’t got nothin on me! Look at this Sh*t!

  98. txshred Says:

    And this is how I banged your sister last night….

  99. Phillip Priolo Says:

    Darin Shapiro? Ya, I showed him this one.

  100. Nick Glossop Says:

    Does this rope look like it’s about to snap?

  101. Andrew Buysse Says:

    How the hell did i do this?!?!

  102. Dan Lennox Says:

    So this isn’t how it’s done…?

  103. Chris Weiland Says:

    In Boat- “What’s he saying?” “I think he is saying go faster.” “Ok faster it is.”

  105. Kevin Bryce Says:

    Suicide attempt from embarrassing gear

  106. Scott Petty Says:

    i’m sexy and i know it……….

  108. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Zane must still be dazed from getting hit by a chicken in a cadillac because hes riding a board from his 1989 quiver!

  109. James Bayliss Says:

    Zane “Hold my d!#K” Schwenk…

  110. Mike Micheli Says:

    Skurfs up, Finally! Is that Chuey?

  111. hmmm. Says:

    zero camber seems to be the hype in snowboarding so we thought we’d try it out..

  112. Chad Cundiff Says:

    The wright brothers got nothin on me

  113. Manny Bersach Says:

    Damn if I keep doing this I’m for real gonna lose all my hair.

  114. Dan Bright Says:

    Here you go Ladies.. the super man thingy!!

  115. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    “Yeah he broke his stick he rip so bad” (North Shore) 1987 movie quote

  116. Matthew Alsbury Says:

    I go HAM! Hard As Murray!

  117. AllianceWakeboard Mag Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. Congratulations to Josh Tarble for winning the CWB caption contest. Thanks for playing everyone.

  118. Hunter Hanson Says:

    HI, My name is Zane Schwenk it doesn’t matter if my board is 1990 or 2012 I can still go HUGE!!

  119. Derek Says:

    Wow, somebody needs a lesson on phasers….

  120. Pdiddle Says:

    What do balding heads , large vests and knee braces all have in common ? ? ?

    Zane schwenk

  121. Lauren Schwenk Says:

    The only thing dating this picture is that hairline.


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