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“Portland Z” has been lurking in the Orlando scene quite regularly these days, and he’s willing to be anywhere at any time to ride, drive, or do whatever he can to help out and hopefully take a rip on the smooth liquid surfaces Orlando has to offer. He started his stay at the Projects as a rail instructor where we watched his skills improve tenfold, and now it’s time to give him his piece of the pie…Say hello to Portland Z, aka  Zach PDX, aka Zach Schneider!


Zach, what’s the best thing to order off the menu at Chili’s?

That’s easy, because I say it to tables 30-40 times every weekend. “Welcome to chili’s, my name is Zach and i’ll be taking care of you tonight. Can I get you started with one of our top shelf Presidente margaritas which include 100% Sauza tequila, Patrone Citronge liqueor, and Presidente brandy?”…Sells em about half the time.

Of all the wakeboarders in Orlando, who’s boat do you think you could get away with stealing the easiest?

Another easy one. Nate Perry and Trevor Bashir live out in (censored for theft protection), and thats where Trevor keeps his boat. (Censored for theft protection) is home to creepy old trees and a house of raw rail riders that probably wouldn’t even notice the boat had gone missing.

Do you winch in Portland, or do you just drink coffee, ride fixed gear bikes and forget to shower like the rest of them?

Theres a dedicated winch crew, OTT – oregon trail trash, that are out winching no matter the month or weather. Ive hooked up with them a few times but I have a feeling I’ll be meeting up with them again here soon. As far as the coffee thing goes, I don’t know if its because i’m annoyed with how many starbucks there are up there but I didnt start drinking coffee until I moved to Florida! The days seem to last longer here…

Which Kesha song is your favorite, or would you rather listen to something else?

I honestly dont know who that is so I youtubed one of her videos: “We r who we r” came up first…I couldnt help but laugh out loud when I heard the song. I guess I’m not really sure when an appropriate time to play that song would be so I’m going to have to go with “listen to something else.” I dont have a consistent music player so as long as its raggae, classic rock, or some hip hop noises, I’m a happy camper.

What do you do besides wakeboard?

This last year has been a big change to how I’m used to spending my years. In Oregon I’ll look outside and depending on the weather I’ll grab whatever board is appropriate for the day. Sunny days constitute for wake and skate, rainy cold days lead to mountain rides. if youre lucky and happen to have a day off from life, you can even catch a skate, snow and wake set in the same day…. its true I’ve done it.

Besides Alliancewake.com, where do you find yourself on the internet these days?

I dont have a computer and haven’t for almost 2 years now. How do I survive? My i-phone does everything: emails, banking, life networking…but instead of websites I play app games and constantly check sports scores…It’s play-off season for the trailblazers! (no one knows who they are but im a true fan).

video courtesy of Trevor Bashir.

Mac or PC?

Someday I’ll own a mac… someday.

Do you have a favorite book?

“Room Full of Mirrors” – Jimi Hendrix biography. I’m not usually one for reading, especially since college, but this guys life is definitely worth reading about. hes from Seattle and is the greatest guitar player of all time, the rest is for you to read.

How many cell phones have you ruined because of wakeboarding?

The iphone im using now; I walked into the water with it at the projects trying to coach a rider under the system and forgot it was in my boardshorts…classic. It submerged about halfway for  a few seconds but I got lucky enough that a girl I work with fixed it, fo freeeee. It doesn’t connect to computers anymore, but that’s obviously not an issue for me. haha!

Which facet of wakeboarding do you prefer most?

I get most excited to ride behind the waverunner. I learned almost everything I know about rail riding at the projects behind a waverunner. Now that I’ve been riding less waverunner I’ve been warming up to the cable. It has a fun park day vibe and I usually end up running into the whole projects crew out there. It’s good to ride with friends so everyone can bounce the good vibes off each other and keep the progression going.

Does downtown Orlando totally suck, or is it just a rumor?

I remember my first night in Orlando. My friend Aaron and I just finished an insane 7 day road trip from Oregon which is another story on its own. We rolled into the projects and Marc Rossiter was the first person I ran into. He tells me were going downtown for Shane Bonifay’s birthday and its going to be crazy! That was my first impression of Orlando so its hard to say it sucks. However, now that I’ve been here for a year, downtown Portland was actually more fun.

Why does Portland have so many strip clubs?

I already said downtown portland was more fun! No I’m not really sure why?  My high school was only 4 or 5 blocks from this place called “the Dolphin.”  I always thought it was a gay strip club due to the name but then I heard that’s where the girls that don’t graduate start their careers.

Zach would like to say thanks to the following:

Active Water Sports, the whole Projects crew, Slingshot Wake, Pat Panakos, and everyone back home in the NW who’s still keeping it real in the neoprene for me!


“Portland Z” has been lurking in the Orlando scene quite regularly these days, and he’s willing to be anywhere at any time to ride, drive, or do whatever he can to help out and hopefully take a rip on the smooth liquid surfaces Orlando has to offer. He started his stay at the Projects as […]

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  1. JD Says:

    Zack! Epic interview! Can I get your autograph Dude?

  2. J-Bone Says:

    Zach we miss you! Keep it real in Whore-lando for us.

  3. Bryan Swarm Says:

    very nice bud.. way to stay steeezzy

  4. Dan Lay Says:

    Good work Portland Z, Come home to Mel and Me!

  5. AJ Westlund Says:

    You better take me under your wing once i get down there! Good work bro.

  6. Jake Meyer Says:

    Nice job Z-Bo!! That’s awesome man!

  7. Zak Ott Stone Says:

    That’s how we Oregon folks roll

  8. Jake sims Says:

    Yea buddy sick edit. Keep killin it! See ya this summer for some shreding.

  9. Riley Says:

    Steez for sheez

  10. Reeder Says:

    yeah Portland Z!

  11. Jake Southard Says:

    Yeah Zack killin it


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