Adam Fields rail

The first ever Mid-Atlantic Battle of the Lakes event was a great success! Riders from all over the region gathered at the home of AF Wake on Lake Gaston, NC/VA to test their skills in multiple events, seeing both which riding spot and individual were this year’s champions.

Smith Optics and the AF Wake compound provided a vast array of games, activities, free stuff, trampolines, water toys, and more to keep everyone having a blast throughout the day.  A special thanks goes out to the riders for all coming together to share in the fun.

“I’m personally stoked to have seen this collection of local talent here for the day.  The riders had so much fun,” said host and organizer Adam Fields.  “We can make this event so much bigger next year.”

Additional thanks goes to EPIC Boats, The Boat Lift Store, Inc., AF Wake, the USCG and USCG Aux, Olli Photography, and the residents of Lake Gaston.

Team Winner – Lake Gaston NC/VA

Wakeboarding Results – Pro Men


  1. Adam Fields
  2. Chris Brown
  3. Fields Johnson


  1. Adam Fields
  2. Fields Johnson
  3. Jay Prock

Double Ups

  1. Adam Fields
  2. Chris Brown
  3. Fields Johnson

Wakeboarding Results – Amateur Divisions

Girls – 14 and under

  1. Allison Lavrack
  2. Madison Lavrack
  3. Kirson Lavrack  (3 yrs old)

Jr. Boys – 9 and under

  1. Gunner Trent
  2. Wesslen Liddle
  3. Adam Davis

Boys – 10-13

  1. Gray Liles
  2. Edward Davis

Jr. Men – 14-19

  1. Chance Croyle
  2. Christopher Davis

Beginner Men

  1. Taylor Turner
  2. John Bryant

Beginner Women

  1. Bobbi Cobb
  2. Stacy Johnston

Intermediate Men

  1. Justin Lambert
  2. Chad Fiore
  3. Jeff Ashworth

Advanced Women

  1. Lexxe Dillon
  2. Niki Bowe
  3. Aubree Malone

Advanced Men

  1. Collin Dozier
  2. Gregory Johnson
  3. Brett Fiscus


  1. Taylor Ewing
  2. Gregory Johnson
  3. Niki Bowe


  1. Jay Prock
  2. Justin Lambert