September 7th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

As many of you know, Mike Dowdy has changed the face of wakeboarding this year with a handful of new tricks and solid riding. A new shape from CWB has helped him get on his path.

21 Responses to “Mike Dowdy: Board Out of his Mind”

  1. Michael Quiapos Says:

    00:57 what was that? so sick!

  2. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Respect to Mike Dowdy for following his dream and now being the most legit rider in terms of technicality, style, and height.

    Not only does he have the Switch Indy Double Half Cab Roll, he’s got an Indy Double Backroll, and seems like he will have a TS Indy Double Backroll, not to mention Indy Tantrum late back 5’s, KGB 7’s, Whirly 7’s, Double Grab 7’s, 10’s. He rides like Harley but is boasting just a little bigger! Props for sure.

    By the way thanks to the guys at Alliance for putting together amazing videos like this to share with us and show us the progression of the product and the sport!

  3. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Ha forget to mention the Method Double Back Roll Backside 180…should just turn that into a KGB and call it the CIA ;)

  4. Vinny Armentano Says:

    @2:25 YO! He took his signature double grab 7 to 9! It looks sick! almost like a double grabbed backmobe 5

  5. Harley>dowdy Says:

    Harley would whip dowdy anyday in technicality and style he is so much more consistent.

  6. Duane Says:

    Looks like he’ll be looking to take that switch double roll to revert to switch double mobe soon. Great edit!

  7. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love Harley and think he’s a beast and is pushing it HUGE but it’s cool to see maybe someone not as consistent like Dowdy trying SOO many new doubles and Mobe 7’s etc. They are my two favorite riders to watch right now because they make you believe anythings possible…Harley is way more consistent and can put down his doubles and 10’s and all 9’s in a contest but I just love someone crazy enough to throw a Method Double Roll BS 180…Would be awesome to see Harley take his double tantrum to blind or do a whirly to Tantrum or something like that…I love it all!

  9. Jamie Says:

    Fucking awesome

  10. Parker Says:

    This video is so sick!! I love how styles are becoming different, and there are a wide range of banger tricks!! Harley, Twelker, and Dowdy are amazing, but in their own style, so we dont see the same tricks in every video!

  11. Dowdy>Harley Says:

    What makes you all think dowdy is less consistent then Harley? Everyone on here seems to forget Harley has been riding the tour and competing at a high level for Years. This was dowdys rookie season. It’s not consistency he lacks, he’s one of the most consistent riders out there. He lacks experience to Harley. He’s just been around longer. That’s it.

  12. BAM Says:

    Every dowdy edit that has came out this year gets better and better! Mike you definitely deserve rookie of the year and most improved rider no doubt.
    hs bs 1080, clean!!!

    way to go winning the trick of the year too!!

  13. AB Says:

    dude stays humble..he will be an unstoppable force.

  14. joe flacco Says:

    harley is 20x better than dowdy but still very respectable

  15. Colin Kaepernick Says:

    Is Harley more consistent? Probably, but better? No way. Both have tricks that the other one doesn’t. One thing I love about Mike’s riding, however, is that his new tricks tend to be really creative and unique, while Harleys often just involve adding an extra 180 to an existing trick

  16. Jared H Says:

    Awesome! So stylish, smooth and different! So much fun to watch! To all of you making comparisons please stop, it reminds me of the annoying analysts for major sports that like to suck the fun out of everything.

  17. jazza Says:

    pretty sure harley can do every trick dowdy can do plus about 20 more and harley can grab all his spins and poke them like no one else can.

  18. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Ha started a major debate Harley Vs. Dowdy huh! Lol To each his own but BS 10’s, Double Grab 9’s, 4 double flips and all grabbed super smooth and stylie…Plus Dowdy’s got the KGB 7 which has to be the hardest mobe 7…I guess you can argue Harley has a crow 9…the argument is pointless as both doods killing it! Mad respect to both as wakeboarding is so fun to watch now with 10’s and doubles. Love the edits keep them coming and help fuel that no one public likes but everyone secretly loves haha :D

  19. Andrew Fortenberry Says:

    your a beast Dowdy!

  20. shredforces Says:

    ballz deep up in these slits

  21. TheSpangler Says:

    Kids videos keep getting better and better. Double frontside back roll daaaamn!! He will have that soon.

    Doubly indy backroll so smooth and clean!


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