March 13th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

Dirty Mike Dowdy has been making moves in the wake industry as of late and now he just created a new move to call his own. Watch and enjoy!

42 Responses to “Mike Dowdy Makes Moves”

  1. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    So dope Mike! your killing it!

  2. Davis Says:

    INSANE !!!! 2013 = Dowdy year

  4. Nice Says:

    To anyone who doubted the impact of the G23 and the movie Defy, see above.

  5. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Incredible! Good stuff mike!

  6. abc Says:

    this kid sure is setting the bar PRETTY damn high right now…cables got double flips…but dowdy’s got whatever you call that slick move at the end!

  7. helllyesss Says:

    Tricks were cool… But sketchy as shit

  8. Dood. Says:

    Holy poop that g23 wake is pumping- looks like the rollers that slater just got barreled in on the Gold Coast

  9. Steve Says:

    dropping doubles, pure sex appeal. and melon double role to blind!

    Legalize that shit

  10. wow Says:

    sketchy…? did you watch the video? this guy is like the one of the only guys on the scene doing wake to wake doubles right now, and you’re gonna come out here and call it sketchy..?

    Furthermore, these comments over “proper” methods and “proper” grabs are makin me sick. As far as I’m concerned, the trick is called the “mike dowdy method” – and unless you happen to be mike dowdy, then you’re doing it wrong. Who ever thought it was cool to do the same old tricks just like everyone else?

    Incredible riding here, can’t wait to see the kgb double! i cant help but think thats on your radar now too…!

  11. Jeff Says:


  12. Steezus Christ Says:

    Dope. Can’t wait to ride behind a G this summer

  13. Tool box Says:

    Working on double flips without a vest?
    Trust me. I know a tool when I see one.

  14. that guy Says:

    Unreal. Grabbed double roll to blind? I’d love to see someone else attempt that trick. Double grab back mobe was one of the sickest tricks I’ve ever seen too

  15. Jeff Mathis Says:

    Balls to the wall.

  16. Dustin Says:

    That was awesome! I got to spend a few days hanging out with Twelker, Maur and this kid a couple years ago and even then you could see back then that he had what it takes to be the next big thing. His style has gotten so much better and his imagination with tricks is insane!!!!!!! Way to kill it Mike!

  17. JoLo Says:

    Epic stuff! I’ve got a new favorite rider. Can’t wait to watch him practice right off my dock. Don’t call me a stalker just cuz I run down to the lake every time I see the G23 rolling by.

  19. Brandon Says:

    um. wut.

  20. rayfink Says:

    l think mike dowdy just got permission to talk whatever type of shit he wants to whoever he wants now and “tool box” l believe parks bonifay used to do double flips with no vest’a as well, you got something bad to say about him too?

  21. Danny Collins Says:

    So dirty!! Killin it out there mike!

  22. illtypemoves Says:

    OH MY F’CKEN SHIT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    beyond stoked to see how far this kid takes wakeboarding in the summer months holy shit balls i am stunned.
    just keep them joints strong man we all want to see lots more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. illtypemoves Says:

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! fsajdklfhjsdohfpsd

  24. illtypemoves Says:

    haha steezus christ

  25. matt Says:

    hey someone correct me if I’m wrong, or where I’ve got holes:

    1:05 frontside 3 mute
    1:09 tail kgb 7
    1:14 nose toeside roll to blind (g spot?)
    1:20 indy double backroll to revert crashed
    1:25 indy double backroll to revert landed
    1:30 toeside nose 1080
    1:35 ‘mike dowdy’ method
    1:36 nose – stalefish mobe (? or is that off axis 7? )
    1:44 tindy glide ? ?
    1:48 moby dick5 or 9 or wtf?
    1:52 kgb 5 ? but.. i think thats wrong
    1:59 nosegrab mobe

    ender is a back to blind to roll ? whats that called then ?

  26. Jeff Says:

    Agreeing with everybody that this shit is nuts. Anyone else notice the clouds of exhaust in some of the shots? Not hating on boats or anything, just kinda funny to me

  27. Two Eyes Says:

    Hey matt,

    1:09 Tail KGB… (Just a regular ol tail grabbed KGB)
    1:25 Double HALF cab roll indy grab
    1:30 Toe 9 (been done since 2005)
    1:48 MobyDick5
    1:52 KGB5
    2:02 Back7 (cased the wake, no grab)
    Ender: Left foot forward roll to blind to right foot forward toeside backroll. I think trick skiers called it the switchblade… You can see CC Roberts do one in H2OExtreme. Check that movie out if you haven’t seen it… First run of the season, feels like stealing.

    Mike Dowdy is killing it behind the boat!

  28. TheSpangler Says:

    That was sick! He’s killing it, ender was f*cking gnarly!

  29. Dustin Says:

    Matt on the nose/stalefish move. Its actually an off axis ole 7 double grab (Nose and Stalefish). He ole’s it late.

  30. hmm Says:

    I will never watch wakeboarding again if this is called the switch blade.

  31. wow Says:

    Killling it !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Has anyone ever seen any footage of Daniel Grant behind a boat?

  32. Fred&Co. Says:

    Daniel Grant can’t ride boat. He has a hard time clearing the wake toeside. I’m not joking.

  34. Anthony Says:

    Where can u get that grey billabong comp?

  37. Dylan Maehrlein Says:

    switch heelside double back roll back side 180 late melon……….
    Nuff said

  38. AP583 Says:

    smokin all this dope higher than a kite. bangin some chief keef on the boat i like it

  39. bluegrass wake Says:

    that roll to blind double was fuckin siiiick

  40. ClampCHamp Says:

    KGB 7???? double cab roll…. i quit wakeboarding….. jk :)

  41. ClampCHamp Says:

    what trick is at 2:20? is that a double back roll 7? or something

  42. Justin Says:

    KGB that shit!! Unreal!


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