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Well here’s the chance of a lifetime. The crew at Wake Park Atlanta and Singleton Marine are launching a new cable park in Georgia and they want you to help name the park. Simply submit a name for the park and if they choose your park name you win a LIFETIME PASS to Georgia’s largest cable park. Sounds to good to be true? Well, it’s not. Just review the rules below and submit your name ideas at:

Wake Park Atlanta, LLC has announced plans to open one of the United States’ largest and most unique cable wakeboard parks. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2012, the park will encompass more than seventeen acres and will include a huge lake with a full six-station Sesitec Cable System and two smaller lakes with cables powered by the Sesitec System 2.0.

This innovative multi-lake design will accommodate wakeboarders of all skill levels from beginners to advanced but the park’s signature will be an elaborate series of rails and obstacles. Many of the obstacles at the Atlanta park will not be available anywhere else in the United States and the custom obstacles will be the first of their kind in the world.

“In creating this facility, we’ve set out to build and operate one of the finest cable wakeboard parks in the world,” said Austin Singleton, one of the principals in the wake park. “We’ve brought together a team and the design to make that happen, and our location at LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center is the icing on the cake.”

The wake park will be located just north of Atlanta, GA along Interstate I-75 and be part of the master plan of LakePoint Sporting Community.

• The contest will end at midnight March 20, 2012. Any entries submitted after this time will not be eligible for the Grand Prize
• Contestants may submit as many entries as they would like but each entry must be submitted individually and must be submitted electronically through
• All entries will be time and date stamped based on when their email submission is received.
• If the winning selection was submitted more than one time, the selected name submitted first will win the Grand Prize. The selected name must be exact and any deviation, even by one letter, may cause the submission not to win the Grand Prize.
• Any foul or offensive language from any contestant will automatically make the contestant ineligible for the Grand Prize.
• By submitting a name in this contest you forego any future rights or compensation outside of this contest associated with the name or usage of the name.
• The submission of a proper name and current email address are required in order for a submission to be eligible for the contest.
• The winning selection will be announced on March 24, 2012.

36 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: NAME THE PARK CONTEST – Win a LIFETIME PASS at Georgia’s largest cable park!”

  1. Jeremy W. Plaster Says:

    Atlanta Wakepark Experience

  2. vinny Says:

    Wake park atlanta is gonna be such a great place 2 ride! Whoever wins the pass Is so lucky!!!

  3. Dylan Says:

    Excited to have the best place to ride in the country within 2 hours of where I live! I’ll be driving to Atl every weekend.

  4. Jamie Graff Says:

    Can’t wait for this place to be open. Atlanta will finally have a cable !!!!!!! Gonna be so sick.

  5. Riiiiight psshhhhh Says:

    Heard that before, we”ll beleive it when we see it…

  6. David Luker Says:

    Yeah Austin :) Soooo stoked for you guys making this happen!

  7. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    Call it “Clockwise Cable Park”… I am really just projecting my hopes on the direction of this cable park.

  8. eric the dog whisperer lassiter Says:

    say what?? wow this LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center looks legit. i didn’t see any mention of a cable park in all of the other reports about the development, but i suppose it could be a recent addition. i’m very optimistic after seeing all of the promotional videos online and news reports. like we’ve all been saying, ITS ABOUT TIME!!

    here’s a video on the community:

  9. Edgar Perez Says:

    F$&ck Yeaah!!! That is 10 minute from my house!.. Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

  10. Jamie Graff Says:

    Pshhhhhhh Riiiiight. AKA Mountain Wake. :-) nice alias. It’s happening so get ready!!! And it is going to be nasty. Plans are legit!!!! Hope you come ride. :-)

  11. Alex Graydon Says:

    So stoked!! I cannot wait to shred in Atl all day erry day! Let’s get this name thing outa the way!!

  12. bizzuck Says:

    Wow Jamie. That’s pretty ridiculous.

    For years we have heard about a cable happening in Atlanta. Although it appears this one has more steam to it, you can’t deny the fact that for about a decade we have heard rumors of an Atlanta cable. Skeptics abound, especially after all these years.

    Attributing one of the above comments to another, local cable is ridiculous. That comment could literally have been made by a hundred different people. As a matter of fact, that comment HAS literally been made by dozens of people.

    Don’t be the guy that starts an unnecessary pissing match.

  13. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    Let’s call it Paul lizon cable red bull nation

  14. Jamie Graff Says:


    I was referring to the home page website that the alias user Psssssh Riiiiight used with their post. Click on their name, takes you to their website. That’s all I was saying. Trust me I’ve been around and heard all the rumors in the past.

  15. Jamie Graff Says:

    Sooooo back to trying to figure out a name for this place………

  16. Chase Andrews Says:

    Wait till you see some designs of this place… ATL is going to have an Epic Park! Excited for 2012….

  17. Chase Crosby Says:

    Stoked to get this thing up and running! This is exactly what we need it ATL so lets get the names rolling..

  18. Lil' John Says:

    Crunk juice. ATL Cable Park. Hells YEA!!!!

  19. Corey Bradley Says:

    Terminous…its an ATL thing

  20. Rick Graydon Says:

    When I think of all the up and coming kids that will be exposed to this great sport, it makes me very exciting for the whole wakeboarding community. THE “Great North Atlanta Ride” GNAR

  21. Michael Williams Says:

    I think the cable should be called iCableATL!! Brought to you by iWinch!!

  22. Wolfie Says:

    Walking directions are in beta.
    Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

    Suggested routes

    GA-3 N/US-41 N
    Truncated Walking directions to Old Georgia 293 3D

    8. Continue onto Mars Hill Rd NW
    0.3 mi
    9. Turn left onto Cobb Pkwy NW
    0.8 mi
    10. Turn right onto Lake Acworth Dr
    52 ft
    11. Turn left onto GA-3 N/US-41 N/Cobb Pkwy NW
    Continue to follow GA-3 N/US-41 N
    2.9 mi
    12. Turn right onto Kelli Clark Ct SE
    0.5 mi
    13. Turn left onto N Main St SE/Old Georgia 293
    Continue to follow Old Georgia 293
    2.6 mi

    11.8 mi, 3 hours 54 mins

    Still faster than driving to any other cable parks… Soooo stoked! Can’t wait!!!

  23. Wolfie Says:

    Wish it was a short walk but at least it’s a short ass drive!!!

  24. Hopeful Says:

    Wake Park Atlanta, LLC has announced plans to open one of the United States’ largest and most unique cable wakeboard parks.

    Not that I don’t want to see it happen but where’s the LLC filing so I can feel confident and get excited?

  25. J. Jones Says:

    Edgar; you lucky bastard!!! Well two hours is better than nine. Can’t wait

  26. Paul Lizon Says:

    I see Slayden is still bitter that as much as he wanted to get things started in ATL, he never could.

    Can’t wait for this park!

  27. Bubba Says:

    GNAR officially stands for Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness.
    Stoked about the park though!

  28. Bubba Says:

    Personally I thought Slayden’s name comment was hilarious! Still laughing. We need a website to get the heated messageboards going between Lizon and Slayden again. I miss those days.

  29. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    Paul is right and I miss them too Bubba. Hopfully with a cable we can all just rip on each other in person.

  30. Pdiddle Says:


  31. Ben Says:


  32. Seriously Says:

    by Summer? there isn’t even a hole dug for the lake? 2013 maaaaybe.

  33. Slip Says:

    This park will NOT open this summer…If ever. It’s a shame how boat dealers in Atlanta are. Will the winner get a pass to go stand in the middle of a field?

  34. Skeptic Says:

    Heartbreak City Wake Park

  35. David Says:

    What’s the point in posting lies like this? They ofcourse haven’t announced the winner because there is nothing to win.

  36. Daniel Says: says it’s scheduled to open spring of 2012 but on here it says it’s scheduled to open summer of 2012? Who won the contest?


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