October 9, 2008 – Correct Craft has always been a brand concerned not only with watersports, but also with giving back to the community. Yesterday Myself and a few others from the Correct Craft team (Brandon Thomas, Jimy LaRiche, Emily Copeland Durham) had the opportunity to head across town and team up with the good folks at Habitat for Humanity to help finish the construction of some new homes they have been working on. More specifically, we were painting two houses by hand…A green one tan and a tan one green. Apparently The home depot had mislabeled the paints and somehow the colors got swapped. If you ask me I'm guessing it was really the nautique ski team that made the mistake of painting the houses the wrong color (they also did some volunteer work a few days before us). Kevin Michael from Wakeboarding Magazine was also kind enough to join us and pick up a brush to cover all the spots that Jimmy was missing. Ha.

The coolest thing about Habitat houses is that they aren't just giveaways; The homeowner must work with habitat for 250 -500 hours (depending on the # of workers in the household) before they are able to move into a home, and from there they are responsible for paying a 20 year no interest mortgage that simply covers the cost of the home construction. It's a really cool way to prep people for the responsibility that goes along with homeownership. 

 In all we had a blast helping out, met some really cool people and even came up with some creative new ways to paint a home.