January 21st, 2011 by alliance

CTRL –  Welcome to The Lab. Today we are here to tell you that the next generation in park board technology has arrived.

Our products are tried and tested at parks across the world by riders names you are both familiar and unfamiliar with. We are the first exclusively designed cable park board company on the planet.

We are CTRL, built to a higher standard.  Our motto is, “We dream it, we test it, we break it, we fix it. We are creators and innovators. Ride locally and think globally.”

Check back daily, same time, same channels.  Coming soon to parks near you!

This has been an important service announcement from the Cable Technology Research Lab.




8 Responses to “New Brand – CTRL Board Company”

  1. Matthew Davidson Says:

    I think that random set of letters is actually all the riders initials. who knows

  2. ... Says:

    First Letter: Keith Lidberg

    L : Lior

    C: Cody Johnson

    The rest… I don’t know what you think

  3. Matt Says:

    Are you guys for real?? CTRL is short for Cable Technology Research Lab

  4. umm Says:

    Are you for real? Look at the press release, they are decoding those letters not CTRL. Tard.

  5. hmmm Says:

    “Ride locally think globally” isn’t that the Ronix motto. i hope your group of creators and innovators aren’t stealing board designs and construction too!

  6. Switch7 Says:

    Wow haters already on a new brand? I thought the ride locally, think globally part was pretty common, google it, if thats a Ronix motto, then they stole it too.

  7. Chance Says:

    Shot in the Dark…

    LS – Lior Sofer
    CJ – Cody Johnson
    MS – Marc Shuster
    DS – Diego Shaw

  8. Ben Says:

    i think everyone is jumping the gun, the CTRL brand have brought us one of the best value for money boards the world has ever seen. The RX is definitely revolutionising the way people are riding at cable parks. They are super tough on rails and kickers and super smooth on inverts. Working at a cable ski I see so many of these boards its unreal, and the best part is if you break it you just go buy another one. CTRL is a brand to watch, i think in a few years they could be one of the best wakeboard companies in the world. Try them out, definitely the the best value for money at the moment


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