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Nick Kamper spends much of his spare time at Orlando Watersports Complex and recently they installed a new Rooftop feature for him to get acquainted with. Enjoy a quick go as he puts his skills to the test and captures it here for our enjoyment. Well, Tim McGee did the capturing and the editing, so a shout out goes to him as well.

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21 Responses to “Nick Kamper at Orlando Watersports Complex”

  1. RealTalk Says:

    Needed more cab3 on

  2. danimal Says:

    you cant do a “cab” on a wakeboard bro…

  3. chad Says:

    Actually you can “cab” on a wakeboard. You can’t nollie off the water, however you can nollie if you are sliding on a feature. So if you are on a feature and a switch nollie frontside 360, a cab, can happen.

  4. Doctor Zeach Says:

    ^^^ This guy has it down!

  5. mr. denis Says:

    another day, another zeach at owc.

  6. Zach Leach Says:

    Danibal, snowboarding changed the definition of cab. Anything switch frontside is now considered cab as far as snowboarding is concerned so I would assume it transfers over to wakeboarding as well. Although you guys still haven’t learned how to spell Melon correctly.

  7. dis guy Says:

    ^^ this guy actually has it down, sorry.

  8. dat guy Says:

    id be ashamed to ride for hyperlite and show that my only 2 mobes in my book are terrible. get some amplitude. other than those 2 feet uggly mobes it was a “decent” edit

  9. Ian Smith Says:

    @dat guy… kamper has far more than 2 mobes in “his book”, i ride with him pretty often at odub and can be a witness to the fact that he has nearly every mobe IN the book, and he’s done almost every one of them to 5 as well and also KGB and backmobes off the water.. so im pretty sure he’s not ashamed to ride for hyperlite and they’re certainly not ashamed to have him. ..ridiculous how many people visit this site that are ok with talking shit when they can hide from it.

  10. danimal Says:

    you cant do a switch nollie either haha

  11. bro Says:

    Please go back and look at the last few edits Alliance has released…this riding is pretty good. Edit is sick too. Someone please tell those guys to hop off the “omg a mobius variation” bus and learn how to watch rail riding ya faggots. And why does anyone say cab in wake? or snow??? Switch isn’t even the same definition from skate to snow to wake…

  12. chad Says:

    again, yes you can, just not off the water.

  13. Who cares..... Says:

    I just think its funny everyone thinks their opinion matters.

  14. Zach Winch Says:

    Hell ya Nick! just a small glimpse of this guys repitoire, dont sweat these keyboard killers.

  15. fakie Says:

    The switch nollie would be a fakie ollie if you use skate terms, I think thats what he meant.

  16. yeaa Says:

    how is switch not the same in wake snow and skate

  17. bro Says:

    The term cab comes from skate, a FAKIE 360. What is fakie? its like riding regular stance, but rolling backwards. You nollie and do a 3 or 180 for half cab. A cab anything is not just being switch and doing a 180. Wakeboarders try to name it like skate and snow when they aren’t doing the same trick…”double half cab roll” is one of the most ignorant terms that wakeboarders use. And it isn’t just the n00bs that have no idea. It’s the pros and the entire industry that has an issue with knowing what is going on. You stil see cover shots with someone not quite in a nosepress but not quite in a backnose blunt…there is no name for that. It’s a mistake. It’s like prespinning 270 on a kicker. But the pros will do it, the photogs will send it in, and the mags will publish, all because noone really understands what the tricks even are…Wake is a different sport than snow and skate. Just call it what it is.

  18. bro Says:

    Thats what the wakezeach dude is getting at that makes everyone so mad. If I reach for a grab and don’t get the board, I wouldn’t claim that I did a good grab…but pros do it everyday when they can’t lock into something on a rail. Id call have of the double rolls that have been ;anded on the cable a “double roll attempt, but did you see that 180 up the kicker? ha. ha. ha. “

  19. bro Says:

    All this crap just to say This dude killed it, and some ignorant dude up in the first commentis trying to say he did too many 3 on. Almost all of them were different variations, but he probably doesn’t know the difference.

  20. Poser Says:


  21. RealTalk Says:

    yeah bro i don’t know the difference sorry..


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