No Casualties in First Oklahoma Mudslide
The top rail riders in the region survived the First Oklahoma Mudslide held last weekend near Lawton . After a weekend of dodging rain predictions, Hurrican Ike, and a half-dozen new obstacles, the top riders were chosen by their peers in a semi-competitive throwdown.
The inaugural event began on Friday with a forecast of rain, but clear weather and calm water prevailed as boarders and skaters sessioned the features. The waves kicked up as practice continued Saturday morning and more riders arrived to check out the Mudslide layout. In the first round of friendly competition on Saturday afternoon, all the riders agreed to take a session with and without straps to demonstrate their versatility.
Mickey Esters pushed nose-presses on the new 32- foot fun box and board-slid the 60 foot rail. Drew Weatherford looked equally comfortable with bindings and without, sliding front- and backside with both boards and 180s on every feature. Kyle Hausher showed up to spin 3s, 5s and 7s on and off the box and rails, and popped an ollie 3 over the tube. When Justin Bullard wasn't towing with the Waverunner, he was pressing tails and noses, and popping 270s and 3s on and off every rail and ramp. Pro skater Darrin Wahl attempted shuvs in both directions off every rail, box and kicker.
The party moved to Lawton on Saturday night to review video from the day's session and scout a potential winch gap in town. Riders returned to the Mudslide rails Saturday night for a session under the lights. The group reassembled on Sunday for the final rounds.
That afternoon, fellow rippers decided that the top wakeboard rail rider for the weekend was Taylor Kress, a world-ranked competitor in the Junior Men's Division. Taylor also won the best wakeboard trick honor, with his switch nose press to 270 front board slide, to backside 270 off of the Mudslide's signature 60-foot rail. Kress also stoked onlookers with flawless riding that included a couple of backrolls off the Helium incline. Justin Bullard took second and Kyle Hausher third among boarders.
Holding the homefield advantage, Jarret Cofer was selected by his peers as the Mudslide's best skater. His lines included front and back board and lip slides and 180s off all the features, and he won the best wakeskate trick award by riding away from a steezy transition shuv on the 48 foot roll-up rail. Darrin Wahl was second and Drew Weatherford third in the skate category.
The Mudslide sesh ended back in Lawton where several of the contestants winched a gap of 12 feet with a 6 foot drop while neighbors watched in awe. All survived, and each of the riders went home with a new Flak Jacket from Helium, a pair of Anarchy sunglasses and a rope and handle from Nevin. Prizes were also provided by the Central Oklahoma Wakeboard Center.
The First Oklahoma Mudslide was a presentation of, an Action Sports Media company, and was sanctioned by the World Wakeboard Association. To see pics and vids from the Mudslide, go to  Organizers are predicting a second Mudslide in Oklahoma , sometime next summer.