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Noah Flegel has had an incredibly successful run in the Jr. Pro ranks, winning the last 2 consecutive National and World Titles, as well as winning the overall Jr. Pro Series in 2013. At only 16, Noah is allowed to compete in Jr. Pro for another 2 seasons, but he’s accomplished his goals there and has decided it’s time to move on and move up. Not only will Noah be competing at the Pro level in 2014, he’ll be doing so riding Hyperlite Wakeboards.

“Signing Noah is a big deal for Hyperlite,” says Greg Nelson, Hyperlite’s VP of Marketing. “I’ve known Noah for a while and enjoyed watching his success. With his move to Hyperlite, I’m thrilled to add this talented young athlete to our squad.”

Noah is also an accomplished Wake Surfer, boasting a World Champion title in the skim style division as recently as 2012. Hyperlite and Noah have already begun collaborating on a new skim style surfer, set to release in the coming season and bearing the Flegel signature.

With all that Noah has accomplished already, it’s amazing that he’s only 16 years old. Now with this move to Hyperlite, Noah will have the opportunity to take his career to the next level. “I’m excited to be joining the elite team of pro riders at Hyperlite. It’s a tight team, and one that I’m really stoked to be a part of,” said Flegel. The feeling is mutual, as Hyperlite gears up to support his efforts in 2014 and beyond. Welcome to the team, Noah!

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10 Responses to “Noah Flegel on Hyperlite”

  1. Wow Says:

    Sick riding!! Keep it up Noah! Also what is on top of that g23? Whats the pole?

  2. boomsmack Says:

    hey wow its and extended pylon on top of the tower. you can put the rope up there and it goes extra high.

  3. WVU mountaineer Says:

    wouldn’t that extended pylon be considered “cheating” because he can get more hang time which helps his tricks have more rotations or be super unique? sick edit regardless

  4. novapull Says:

    Pretty sure all the “extensions” are for the mounted tower camera not a higher towing location.

  5. TheHeez Says:

    The extended pylon is not being used in the video. I’m pretty sure Noah trains with Dean Lavelle at his school and I believe that they use the pole for the sky skiers.

  6. jon Says:

    A decent wakeboarder (which Noah obviously is) would snap a pylon like that in half with a solid edge. He’s definitely not using it.

  7. oli Says:

    Congrats on the big moves Bud, Killing it a usual!!! And to all above discussing the added pylon. Im confident Noah does not use it…Its not used for a camera… Dean does use is for training which makes it easier/more forgiving to learn new tricks… And Im 225 lbs have a decently “solid” edge, go big ect…. and that pylon is rock solid..you’ll pull the boat around before that thing snaps…

  8. nice! Says:

    very talented kid.

    Mr.Lavelle uses the extended pylon to teach new tricks. Sure Noah used/uses it sometimes in his life.

  9. boomsmack Says:

    yeah ive used the pylon in that video and it is just as solid as a tower.

  10. Norbi Vasko Says:

    @Norbifilms Like you guys said Dean uses it from time to time but Noah wasn’t riding behind it when we shot this video.


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