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This past week I’ve been running around my homeland of Nor-Cal shooting with some of the areas riders. I’ve always been a firm believer that the best place to wakeboard this time of the year is Nor-Cal because all the kids are back in school so the waterways are never crowded, it’s still plenty warm enough to ride, and the weather in September in Nor-Cal sees very little wind activity, so the butter is plentiful and can easily be spread all day long amongst you and your riding brethren. Of course, I’m also partial ’cause it’s where I grew up riding…

I started off out in the gold country foothills at beautiful New Melones Reservoir. I hadn’t been to this lake since middle school, so I was pumped to go back. Waiting for me there were Derek Cook and Adam Fields, who had just finished up a camping trip with a bunch of other bro-brahs. We took to the glass and had a blast. Derek’s wrapped/grabbed combinations continue to evolve and look sick. Adam, it seems, can do every trick in the book switch and regular, and he easily has the dopest toeside front flip in the business.

After New Melones I headed out of the mountains and back down into the valley where Cali’s most notorious riding spot meanders through vast farmlands… the Delta. If Nor-Cal is great for riding in September, then the Delta is heaven. Back on the Dirty D I met up with the one-and-only Mike Schwenne and two of the regions up and coming young bucks: Trever Maur and Josh Twelker. Trever is an instructor at Schwenne’s West Coast Camps on Lake McClure during the summer months and Josh is a rising star in the Jr. Men’s circuit of the PWT. For a couple days we did nothing but cruise around the Delta and take in all the glass it could offer, from the infamous confines of Discovery Bay in the “South Delta” to the not-as-well-known open waterways of Isleton and Walnut Grove in the “North Delta.”

Overall I had a blast and got a lot of rad photos which you will definitely be seeing in future issues of Alliance. Big thanks to the Twelker family for letting everybody raid their house, eat their food, and use their boats.