Andrew Pastura by Bryan Soderlind

That’s right, remember to throw your robe on this time and then sprint to the mailbox because it’s there! Just be careful, because we think that Tommy from down the road may have left you a surprise in the mailbox too, sort of a friendly reminder that you will never be forgiven for running over his skateboard with your truck two weeks ago.

If you manage to escape  the wrath of young Tommy with a clean mailbox, you’re in luck because we bring you an action packed issue for Oct / Nov. Featuring one of the most anticipated articles of the season, The List. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of the wakeboard scene in 2010 including topics such as Ninja Naps, the progression of women’s wakeboarding (finally), and the reasons you should never be caught wearing socks in your boots.

On page 52 take a ride down the autobahn with the nike 6.0 team as they take a 3000 kilometer tour through Germany all while drinking a liter of beer in the passenger seat. It’s ok though, the guys checked with the authorities and it’s totally cool. Highlights of the trip include “icing” all of deutschland, riding Wake the Line, and discovering an entirely new appreciation for cable riding in general.

Also in this issue you’ll find more timeless photographs in our Framed section, get the first look at one of Danny Hampson’s latest wake hits “ode to the frog,” and also find out if you’ve got what it takes to match up with one of wakeboarding’s most eligible bachelors in The Dustpan. Enjoy!