August 29th, 2012 by alliance

Sometimes you travel across the world to find something but end up getting lost…

Shot on Location in Monterrey, Mexico.

More videos from Mexico to come!

Off Give In out 1/29/13
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20 Responses to “Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Prelude”

  1. ... Says:

    wow…. soo sick

  2. Steve Says:

    yes yes yes yes! Amazing video. Wieland really went above and beyond on this one.

  3. Gould Says:

    Wieland kills it

  5. TJ Says:

    Sick…Any videos of randall behind the new xstar or g23?

  6. Spencer T Says:

    Soo stoked to see the next part of this, good job Wieland

  7. Josh Tranby Says:

    SIck!! Awesome job Patrick

  8. Brenton Priestley Says:

    Rad job weiland that shit was dope!

  9. Blake Says:

    Rode there once. Loved it.

  10. Dustin Says:

    Anybody else having issues loading the video???

  11. Tommy J Says:

    Theres something about Randall’s riding that makes me stop whatever I’m doing. In his “Matters” article he makes the suggestion that he’s under valued. I would have to agree with that notion 100%. I’d argue that there’s no other Professional action sports athlete who is able to make their sport look and feel completely different than their peers. Bottom line, When Randall hits the water, ALL EYES ARE ON HIM. He deserves more respect from this industry. The problem lies in peoples perception of his past trasgressions and his “counter culture” image. But is it really that counter culture these days? I sit here typing this with 75% of my body covered in tattoos I’ve spent the last twelve years collecting from very well respected artists. Hell even my dad, who hated tattoos when I started getting them, has a half sleeve now. Bottom Line is the people in this industry need to wise up.They need to see that they are pushing one of the greatest to ever hit the water away from our sport. Sorry for the rant, I just had that article on my mind while I was watching this awesome video. Sick riding from everyone in this video! Great job Weiland!

  12. Josh Robinson Says:

    Goddamn you Wieland, you’re making me miss wakeboarding.

  13. Marcos Torres Says:

    Yeah Weiland!! So sick!!

  14. goo! Says:

    I ate a brownie while watching this… moo

  15. don kking Says:

    SOOOOOOO dope, dam gotta love MEX, but i hate watching amber ride shes so stiff blahhh

  16. daniel j Says:

    Love the sequence where Randall edges out wide, wraps up, and begins his charge.

    Weiland-such and awesome capture of our sport on and off the water.

  17. Aaron Merino Says:

    Congratulations Great Job to all the people involved in this film.
    Keep it up and hope to see you all back in Monterrey soon!!!

  18. g west Says:


  19. Nic Says:

    This is one of the videos that you wish was 10 mins or more. Excellent Job, definitely will be added to my favorite videos.


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