It’s week 4 of the instagram battle and this week we are featuring one of the greatest guys in wakeboarding, Josh Palma. He has the best jokes, the whitest teeth, and a serious knack for off season fishing. Remember to vote for your favorite pic which will match up in the final vs. Jimmy Lariche, Shawn Watson, Bob Soven and 1 more lucky contestant.


Palma’s Pics:

Photo #1 – Fishin’ Mission – I like this photo because commemorates the beginning of the baldwin park fishing club. My favorite thing about it is all the detail and ripples in the water because it’s soo glassy. Also the best part of this photo by far is that it’s the only day on lake Baldwin that Jeff McKee didn’t kill a bass by gut hooking it. I seriously spend more time doing surgery on the fish Jeff catches than I do fishing myself.



Photo #2 – Sunset Tweaker – I was out riding with Sean O’Brien and Robby Holihan when I shot this pic. I started snapping a few of Sean and was just totally stoked on how the ray of light beams across the frame and through the rider. It’s pretty much my instagram hallmark where I take photo’s so good that I don’t need a filter. (but sometimes I hash tag #nofilter even when I did use a filter just to blow people’s minds). I’ve gained a lot of followers this way…Don’t put that part in the interview though, it’ll ruin my street cred.



Photo #3 – Watsta-be – The sunsets this fall have been insane. I’ve taken this same photo probably 6 or 8 times, but this one is my favorite because the colors are just popping even after the sun has gone down. Also this photo has the most likes in all of my photo library, and definitely way more than @shawnwatson has ever gotten on a sunset. Haha. When does the Watson signature sunset filter drop on instagram?



Photo #4 – Afro Boy – I think one of my older brothers sent this picture to me from my Grandma’s house. It’s of my oldest brother John which I then applied the 1977 filter to to make it the ultimate throwback photo. I mean just look at that hair. It’s ridiculous. Right after he had his hair like this he went into the fresh prince flat top. Business on the sides party n the top.



Photo #5 – That’s my boat – To be totally honest I really like the photo, but what I like even more about it is that I sniped it from this girl Emily Dale who actually took it, however she didn’t do it justice with the appropriate filter, so I took it upon myself to re-filter and repost, plus I hash tagged the crap out of it. She’s claiming copyright infringement, but I zoomed, cropped, and re-filtered which makes it entirely original. Plus it’s my boat.


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