This morning Christen Lechenfield is leaving to go back to Germany.  For those of you who don’t know him, he is the owner of Sesitec Cable Systems. He is responsible for putting in the cable system at the CWC.  German engineering at its finest. He and his team are amazing to work with. They have a "nothing is impossible attitude." This is where it all comes together. At this year's Surf Expo, Christen offered Matt Hickman and I the exclusive distribution of Sesitec Cable systems to the United States. We decided to create a company called The Wake Park Project. We believe the cable is what’s going to bring our sport to the masses and The Wake Park Project offers a one-stop shop, with Sesitec being the leaders in the world in cable design and Abox being at the forefront of rail and park design. We help people from idea to opening. This is only the beginning.  We are working with Christen on many different levels.  It’s all those ideas you had in your head that were a bit out of reach, it’s like all you needed was a mad German scientist to get it done.  Well, we have one and we are getting it done.  Expect great things to come in ’08 — (if you have inquiries about opening a cable, go to

This afternoon the Lray has a trip planed for Grubbs, BT, Lidberg, Perry and I. He is taking us all surfing at Bagasbas. On the way there he called the Mayor and Governor of these cities and provinces, to let them know were on the way.  After a brief intro with the Mayor we grabbed some surfboards and played with the locals a bit.  After several attempts at catching a wave Lidberg and I resorted to sitting on our boards and watching these two local girls shred.  Wave after wave, it seemed as if they sold their soul to the devil so they can catch every wave they tried for, until they turned around and started yelling at us.  At first I thought they were pissed that we got too close but then I started to make out what they were saying. “Go go go go go go go go go go”.  They were trying to help us out.  There was a 7-foot wave coming up right behind us. Lidberg and I were so engrossed with watching these chicks shred that we were not paying attention to the wave we could catch. Immediately we started paddling franticly, the whole time I could still hear the girls yelling.  It was like parents giving their kids encouragement from the sidelines.  It worked, it was the first of many waves we caught that day.

At the end of the day Lray had a barbeque prepared for us on the beach.  Perry and I had a beer with the locals and listened to their stories about how they became a surfing community fifteen years ago. Amazing.

Of course, we've all been riding the cable a ton, too. Lidberg's been getting so good he decided it was time to progress in something else… kneeboardskating. Give it a try next time you're at the cable park and maybe one day you can take on Keith in the world championships!