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Kevin Henshaw spent this spring building unique rails that no one has seen and took this summer to hit all of them. Here’s the end product. Enjoy!
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Music by: FMLYBND “Electricity”

6 Responses to “#Permacation: Kevin Henshaw 2013”

  1. Cj Conway Says:

    Love the angles with the rc helicopter.

  2. Yep Says:

    That was sick. Keep up the good work henny. You need to put out a DVD with all the edits. I’d buy it

  3. Jason P Says:

    Awesome. Good to see the knee is holding up strong.

  4. Stuart B Says:

    Now that’s a vid! Not too many gratuitous shots and just a bunch of hammers shot well.

  5. JP Says:

    Best edit I have seen all year, super clean and forward thinking. Great work Kevin.

  6. Jordan Aldredge Says:

    So fucking sick. Good shit Trey


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