Monroe, WA.– Thousands of spectators flocked to the shores of Lake Tye to witness the final day of competition at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Monroe presented by Rockstar. Top Notch performances were registered by a slew of athletes, with Phil Soven ultimately prevailing in the Men’s Pro division and Tony Iacconi in the Overton’s Junior Pro Series.

Soven fought off strong runs from Rusty Malinoski and Mike Dowdy by going just a tad bigger off the X-Star’s wake than the rest of the field. His winning run was equal parts massive aerials, perfectly executed rotations and on-point rail riding.

“A lot of the guys showed up in top form today so I’m just happy to walk away with a win,” said Soven. “I was able to make the most of the conditions and feed off the crowd’s energy and that really helped me put together a good run in the finals.”

The Junior Pro finals also saw a heated final round. Iacconi was able to walk away victorious by leveraging a well rounded run to fend off valiant efforts from Noah Flegel and Massi Piffaretti who joined him on the podium.

Following the finals, fans were privy to one of the most thrilling specialty events in wakeboarding, the Polaroid Action Big Air Contest. Taking the spoils was Adam Errington who boosted a huge backside 180 sparking a roar of excitement from the crowd.

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Final Results

Pro Men Finals

1.       Phil Soven 94.00

2.       Rusty Malinoski 92.00

3.       Mike Dowdy 91.00

4.       Steel Lafferty 89.00

5.       Aaron Rathy 73.00

6.       Oli Derome 70.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals

1.       Tony Iacconi 92.50

2.       Noah Flegel 82.50

3.       Cory Teunissen 79.50

4.       Massi Piffaretti 77.50

5.       Robby Holihan 66.00

6.       Marc Kroon 52.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Rusty Malinoski 93.00

2.       Steel Lafferty 92.67

3.       Aaron Rathy 85.00

4.       Adam Errington 80.00

5.       Shota Tezuka 53.33

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

1.       Mike Dowdy 90.00

2.       Phil Soven 87.00

3.       Oli Derome 83.00

4.       Jeff Langley 75.00

5.       Andrew Adkison 45.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Shota Tezuka 85.00

2.       Aaron Rathy 80.00

3.       Austin Hair 74.00

4.       Chad Sharpe 65.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 2

1.       Steel Lafferty 90.67

2.       Andrew Adkison 86.00

3.       Trevor Hansen 84.33

4.       Christian Primrose 65.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 3

1.       Mike Dowdy 90.00

2.       Rusty Malinoski 86.67

3.       Brad Smeele 73.33

4.       Stephen Pierce 41.67

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

1.       Oli Derome 88.00

2.       Adam Errington 80.00

3.       Josh Palma 70.00

4.       Harley Clifford 15.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 5

1.       Phil Soven 91.33

2.       Jeff Langley 85.00

3.       Daniel Powers 84.67

4.       Josh Twelker 31.67

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals  Heat 1 (Top 3 Advance)

1.       Cory Teunissen 100.00

2.       Tony Iaconni 88.00

3.       Marc Kroon 74.00

4.       Brad Teunissen 73.50

5.       Parker Siegele 64.50

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals  Heat 2

1.       Noah Flegel 92.50

2.       Massi Piffaretti 86.00

3.       Robby Holihan 83.75

4.       Joey Buss 69.25

5.       Gordon Harrison 68.50

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About King of Wake
The King of Wake is the world’s elite pro wakeboarding series, attracting the sport’s top athletes from throughout the globe. Over the course of a season, athletes compete for the ultimate wakeboarding crown in a series points race of eight events throughout the United States to see who rules the wake. The 2013 series consists of all five stops on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, the Nautique Wake Games, the Nautique WWA National Championships and the Rockstar WWA World Championships Presented by Supra. The King of Wake is organized by World Sports & Marketing – the leading wake-events producer since 1988.