December 13th, 2010 by alliance

We’ve got 16 past winners cued up and ready to fight it out for the ultimate photo supremacy. The initial brackets were chosen by the Alliance staff, but from here on out, it’s up to you. A new bracket will begin each Monday until we have one big winner, who will take up a FULL setup from CWB. Battle Seven of the Alliance Photo Battle Tournament of Champions is on!

Photo #1.Ryan Dahlem

Photo #2 Billy Ely

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4 Responses to “Photo Battle Tournament: Dahlem vs Ely”

  1. ?? Says:

    its about the photo.. not the trick..

  2. Bell Says:

    R.D is getting robbed. A 14ft high dock start is straight BAD, but it looks like it was captured with a Point-and-Shoot. The entire comp of the slide shot is in a different league. Get it right.

  3. georgia Says:

    Thanks god that bomb drop is loosing>>that photo has am hr writtin all over it…and RD is fake as shit anyways…pay your dues asshole!

  4. DiRTyGIrL Says:

    LeAve RyAN aLoNe! U GuYZ WisH You WhERe aS GoOd aS HiM. hE Is as REaL As It GEtS!!!!


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