February 14th, 2011 by alliance

We’ve got the Final 2 cued up and ready to fight it out for the ultimate photo supremacy. The initial brackets were chosen by the Alliance staff, but from here on out, it’s up to you. The winner of this final bracket will take home all the winnings, including a FULL setup from CWB. The final battle of the Alliance Photo Battle Tournament of Champions begins now!

Photo #1 Billy Ely

Photo #2 James Mooney

Which Photographer Deserves To Be Supreme Champion?

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*A wakeskate can be exchanged for wakeboard and boots.

37 Responses to “Photo Battle Tournament: Final Battle Ely Vs Mooney!”

  1. simon Says:

    simon says take a photo with a level horizon.

    UHOH…. Sorry Billy, you’re out!

  2. jeff Says:

    take a picture of someone whos not a jabroni uhoh sorry james

  3. goblin Says:

    take a picture where you can see the riders face uhoh sorry billybob

  4. Jeff Mathis Says:

    billy’s for the colors alone.

  5. simon Says:

    having a rainbow coloured poop doesnt mean its better…. its still shit.

  6. joeyyyy Says:

    take a picture where you can see the board and the water isn’t overexposed uhoh sorry jimmy james

  7. pooprainbow Says:

    Simon, having 61% of the votes does though.

  8. conb Says:

    both awesome pictures but billy’s is just more visually appealing. the colors, textures, action, and perspective are incredible. great shot!

  9. ur mom Says:

    what a discrace if James smooney and that garbage photo win… kinda shocking too how he even made it this far???

  10. what a joke Says:

    that james kid probably didnt even land that shuv he threw in that trash photo. what a joke.

  11. Andrew Fortenberry Says:

    #1 has been the background of my laptop since it was posted :)

  12. the mad hater Says:

    Moooooney for the win! #1 is framed sooo wrong. centered subject, unlevel horizon, seadoo is cropped way too close to the edge. ever heard of thirds? hey ur mom, doesnt it make you also wonder how he got it this far? let alone the original list? ely’s rider is “a joke” his ass is about 3ft lower than his knees. thank god its a photo. hey ur mom, wonder if it made it on fail blog too? background photo? you shoulda just kept your boyfriend’s dad on there.

  13. funkshawn Says:

    man everyone passin around the haterade?
    mooney deserves to win, down with rich people and their seadoos

  14. Don Says:

    haha dam mooney got to be hacken some shit thats probably how he made it so far.. the mad hater your a kook

  15. James Mooney Says:

    Ahaha I just saw all this beef now, I take photos, I don’t know how to hack. I think billy and hooker have a dope photo and I’m stoked the finals have two non-strappers in it, sorry if people are offended my photo’s here.

  16. simon Says:

    simon says: read the critique made by “the mad hater” someone’s got the keen eye.

  17. simon Says:

    if ely simply cropped the photo better and had a level eye. but, take it back to the basics… re-edit the photo or simply zoom out a bit and ely would win (no offence mooney). the one thing that really f’n bugs me is that ely cut the “other subject” in half…. the splash on the left. without highlighting that splash it looks like the rider is just starting off the dock…. and with his ass almost planted on the dock and his knees way above, it simply looks like he’s bailing off the start. anyone agree to this?

  18. Billy Says:

    wow, its quite pathetic you people care this much… so what the horizon isn’t level, and it doesn’t fit the rule of thirds, its a shot that captures alot more than just rules whether it corresponds to any rules or not… also their was no cropping and their is no seadoo that is cropped so take another look mr hater, and keep the haterade coming, its kinda funny that my photo sucks so much but it is apparently taking up your time, ya know its not healthy to live life jealous of others.

  19. Billy Says:

    simon you seem like such an expert on photography i though i might inform you but its not called cropping, but framing. since it sounds like you carry around a photography book, i wouldn’t have thought you would have made such a mistake, yea i could crop after the fact but that’s for jabronis like you

  20. hmmm. Says:

    too bad everyone is fighting.. i like photo 1. for lots of reasons.

  21. Billy Says:

    i agree hmmm, its too bad it can’t be a friendly competition but seems like too many people get their enjoyment from hating these days… oh well, it was still a fun competition

  22. AJbiggie Says:

    Both fotos are dirty. Congrats to JM & BE!!! What’s a jabroni? Haven’t heard anyone use that word in like 8 years and i didn’t know what it meant then either…..

  23. Eric Says:

    Like both photos a lot, I voted for both of these when they were up, good job guys

  24. steve Says:

    if you dont know what a jabroni is you are most likely a jabroni

  25. guy Says:

    voted for james, but agree very much with bill’s talk and non-compliance with rules. way to go. jabroni? no.

  26. what a joke Says:

    THE MAD HATER my only comment is nice heal clicker by the rider in mooneys photo. photo sucks and the kid cant ride a wakeskate. what a joke

  27. Amanda Hugnkis Says:

    taylor gang or vote for Billy Ely

  28. Braden Ioi Says:

    “what a joke” im sorry i “can’t ride a wakeskate” i mean i wakeskate because its fun not to try to be a pro. I didn’t realize this would become so hateful. for the most part the ws community is cool and supportive but i guess you have your opinion. i think both photos are cool in their own way.

  29. Hahahaha Says:

    Since when is falling down a 1 foot drop cool? That shit is lame, hookers is way gnarlier! And he actually landed it!

  30. James Mooney Says:

    Yeah “what a joke”, it’s getting kind of weird how much you hate bray, out of respect for his riding peep these and leave him alone, he can definitely ride a wakeskate. also we’re sorry it’s a small drop, we didn’t choose which photo was entered and it’s about the photo (composition, lighting, framing) not the location.




  31. Gang Bang Says:

    Billy “E” is the clear winner! (at least out of the two choices..)

    Another contest FAIL.. it’s clear that the best photos didn’t advance due to some trick foolery!

  33. jammer Says:

    I would be glad to be the jetski driver/winch operator, the rider or the photographer in either photo. Capturing the moment is what a photo is, right? Ely’s photo (blue sky, takeoff rainbow and the fact the kid landed it) makes me think of summer. Mooney’s photo looks like the moment that highlights the work that crew put in to scope, set-up and hit the spot. Both Nice.

  34. hater Says:

    photo 1 has terrible framing, crooked horizon, and is a blatant ass shot. photo 2 is early, and doesnt show the catch. no vote.

  35. Nick Boville Says:

    Why do these always turn in to such a hatefest? If you’re all such experts, then why aren’t your photos on here? If you think it’s garbage, good for you, but you don’t have to go on ripping these guys apart……they don’t claim to be pro’s and they’re not saying these are perfect everyone should frame on their wall photos….it’s a simple internet contest! Take a hit and chill out!!!!!

  36. wake kid Says:

    Mad hatter, you’re a joke, rule of thirds is for a photographer who went to school to learn how to take photos. as meddock about what he says about the rules of shooting. BREAK all of them. both pictures have good qualities about them, like everything in this life it’s opinion. Don’t talk crap because you are obviously close minded

  37. bIg MunNNey LiiiiL boi Says:

    yeo minz, yu all tlkn burrrrrrrrrr shit rite now, nnnn big muny lil boi dunt appreciate nuffin… yall betta stp talkin shiet bout mooneys pic, or yall gun get cut ya herd! moonz 4 the win 4 lyfe.



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