January 17th, 2011 by alliance

We’ve got 8 past winners cued up and ready to fight it out for the ultimate photo supremacy. The initial brackets were chosen by the Alliance staff, but from here on out, it’s up to you. A new bracket will begin each Monday until we have one big winner, who will take up a FULL setup from CWB. Battle 11 in the Alliance Photo Battle Tournament of Champions begins now!

Photo #1 Ian Zinner

Photo #2 Tim Sorenson

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25 Responses to “Photo Battle Tournament: Zinner vs Sorenson”

  1. james Says:

    is that superman??

  3. Chris Says:

    what a bust! Sorenson for sure!

  4. swang Says:


  5. Brad Says:

    How do wakeboarders still think raleys are cool?

  6. georgia Says:

    whos the rider in #1

  7. Trais Says:

    zinner’s photo looks like a lucky shot with a camera phone. is this a photo battle or a collection of pictures from last summer at kids camp?

  8. Hater^ Says:

    Trais do you know how many people have photos on their phones of people doing stargazed raleys into sunsets?

  9. Simon Says:

    ^ Hater….Its not about the skills of the rider ….its about the skills of the guy pushing the buttons on the camera. Judge the photo not the trick ….Tim Sorenson all the way son….all day long

  10. nelson Says:

    Zinner is the Winner~

  11. Kadee McGwier Says:

    where do i vote at?

  12. joeeyyyyyyy Says:

    zinner for sure, both are nice shots but a raley from the boat shot is like boring, and I like wakeboarding more than wakeskating.

  13. Rick Graydon Says:

    I like the action shots however i already have this one it with a picture frame at Walmart. Zinner finds the quiet moments that capture the true wake lifestyle.

  14. Will Says:

    well said simon. zinner’s is a meh shot with distracting shit haphazardly framed in the foreground in an attempt to be artsy, and his horizon looks crooked. he cuts off too much on the right side of the frame while leaving a lot of dead space on the left side. not a good shot at all, it’s point and shoot skill level.

    tim’s is much more technical. the shutter speed that perfectly captured the action, the somewhat shallow depth of field, the sun captured on the left side, the rider filling the top third, and the trees creating a barrier between the sky and the water. much more thought and skill went into this photo. doesn’t really matter if you don’t like a raley/sunset shot, tim’s photo is flat out better and displays much more talent.

  15. John Jeffries Says:

    Props to Ian for doing something different.

    Can’t remember the last time a point and shoot happened outside the boat… Or let alone with the fog casted on the water. Also I doubt Ian was reviewing this shot later and THEN noticed the “distracting shit haphazardly framed in the foreground”……..

    Thanks for being different Ian. Love your shot.

  16. Lisa Jeffries Says:

    Ian awesome shot, I really feel like I am in the mist watching. Love it.

  17. Jake Donahue Says:

    How did Zimmer’s photo make it this far? He had to have cheated to even make this a close call… Tim’s photo is disgustingly better! No competition.

  18. zimmer? Says:

    who the heck is Zimmer?

    the N key is next to the M…… slow down next time you are trying to hate…

  19. Will Says:

    ^^^^John, I was clearly implying that he knew the stuff was in the foreground. that’s what haphazardly framed means. doesn’t mean accidentally framed, it means he thought it would be artsy so he just got behind some branches or something and didn’t put much thought into how they framed the shot. just doesn’t look good.

  20. kyles dad Says:

    Sorenson is the best and his tech rocks. Miss ya buddy.

  21. ?? Says:

    whhhhaaa a raley?? so dirty. so gross. the stappers just don’t want a wakeskater to win. dirty dirty dirty

  22. JJ Says:

    I think the “haphazard” aspects of photo 1create a unique feel for the viewer; This is what your buddies on the shore see or what a curious onlooker sees. (oh, and last time I checked, haphazard means… haphazard – not planned)

    Photo two is quality, in exposure and aperture perhaps, but it’s perspective and subject are text-book and boring, they don’t grab my attention nor do they grab the 59 voters’ attention that currently place Ian in the lead.

    Kudos to Ian for capturing this misty morning moment.

  23. Ian Zinner Says:

    thanks everyone for all the votes getting me this far. everyone’s got their opinion on how photos should be.

    for more photos and videos …check it out




  24. Will Says:

    haphazard can mean that, or, as i just saw on the internet, it can mean a lack of order or planning. key word is lack. that is the point i was trying to convey. the composition was lacking in planning. wasn’t entirely unplanned, but more thought could have been put into it in my opinion.

    i would like the first photo a lot more if the branches or whatever weren’t there and if it didn’t for some reason feel crooked.

  25. Will Says:

    Professional response Zinner. Very cool when people can take criticism well. You took it better than I’d be able to.

    And don’t get me wrong, your photo is great, but I just don’t like the branches and as I said, it feels crooked. Can’t tell if that’s just me or if it actually is.

    I took a look at your website too, really solid shots man, keep up the good work!


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