The Projects really is a giant playground for the wake enthusiast. Not only is it a place where pros love to come visit and ride, but it’s also one of the few camps where students can get some serious time in on rails.

I find myself out at the Projects a lot doing photo shoots and hanging out. Recently I’ve been out there and shot Keith Lidberg, Ryan Doyle, Kevin Henshaw and Rob Jacques. All of these guys are talented riders, but what makes them unique is how versatile and well-rounded they are. Not only can they kill it behind a boat or PWC, but they are all extremely good at hitting rails.

Have you ever tried hitting a 10-foot tall A-frame at 23 MPH and pressing your front foot out as far as possible? It’s not easy. And while it can be frustrating watching these guys ride so well all the time and make it look so easy, it can also be totally inspiring. Right after these guys all rode and tore the rails apart, a couple students strapped in to give it a go themselves. Rather than being discouraged by the level of riding they had just seen, they were only encouraged.

So here’s some inspiration for you, direct from another playtime session at the Projects.